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Hi I'm Teneal

I'm from Washington State. I'm going to school to be a nurse. I'm a Mormon! :)

About Me

I'm a Junior in college right now. I'm studying to become a nurse someday. In high school I did a program that allowed me to get my associates degree durring my Junior and Senior year. I just recieved my Mission call to the Salt Lake City East Mission, and am super excited to meet the people there! In my free time I tend to do a variety of things. I really love music. I've done voice lessons, band (I played the flute), and ballroom dance. Ballroom was probably my favorite to do, and I'm still taking classes in college for it. I don't compete though. I also love reading! I don't necessarilly have a favorite genre or book though. i love to just relax and read a good book it's one of my favorite things to do.

Why I am a Mormon

I'm mormon for many reasons. The biggest reason is probably how loving and open our church is. Everything I've been taught just makes sense. I love that we do temple work for the dead. It sounds odd, and those who are unfamiliar with this may not completely understand why we do this, but to me it's one of core reasons why I love this church. There are amazing people of other faiths who never got the chance to hear of this gospel, people I will probably never come close to being. Despite never being baptized into this gospel durring life on Earth, they still have a chance to accept it after death. People are not held accountable for circumstances they could not control, and that's one of the major reasons this church is so amazing. This church also has modern day Prophets. Why wouldn't God send servants to speak to us today? I love hearing from our Prophets and knowing that what they say is for me. Made for my ears. Another part of this gospel that is very important to me is our understanding of the Atonement, and the Plan of Salvation. My dad died when I was fourteen. I can say without a doubt that I can still feel his presence with me today. It's interesting. Once you experience the death of a close loved one, things just change. It's hard to explain, but you can just feel them. The idea that life just ends is impossible for me to understand. There something more to us then just our bodies. We have spirits too. Spirits that live on. I also know that with every trial I go through I'm carefully watched over. Christ has experienced my trials, and is there for me when I need him. I am never alone. Everything in my life has been carefully planned out and measured so I would become the person I am today. People have been placed in my path to help me, and for me to help them. Every action counts. God knows whats best for all of us, and does his best to guide us along the path, but it's our choice to follow.

How I live my faith

In church I work with my mom to help teach the 4 year olds. I love being with them, even if it's hard to keep their attention on the lesson. This is a pretty recent thing I've been doing though, I'm really inexperienced. Throughout high school I was also a youth leader who helped plan activities for us to do. For the most part though I feel like I live my faith throughout my day to day life, not just in my callings within the church. I think just living by example, and being open to others is the best way to show my faith. I love conversing with others about what they believe. It helps me understand others and grow as a person. I think that if you live your life according to your faith and your knowledge then that's good. And that's what I try to do. I show my faith by learning as much as I can about God and the world around me, and live according to that knowledge.

What are Mormon women like? Do Mormons believe in equality of men and women?

We believe that men and women are equal. When people get married a husband and wife should be as one. They should make major decisions together. They are also meant to be equal within the household, one does not hold power over the other, becuase they are meant to be a single unit. Equal though does not mean the same. The church does encourage a traditional household where mothers primarilly watch over children, and fathers provide. However, there is an understanding that not everyone can hold up this tradtional household. Depending on financial and job situations some people cannot live like that. Sometimes both parents will have to work, or at times when the father can't find a job, the mother may have to take up that role. There may also be situations in which the mother or father have passed away. Mormon women are strong, I have my mother to look up to as an example of that. My mom has overcome divorce, cancer, and even the death of my father. She attributes much of that to her faith. I know that if I hold strong to my beliefs that I will be just like her. I will be able to overcome anything. For more information see The Family: A Proclamation to the World Show more Show less