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Hi I'm Benjamin

I grew up in the tropics of Far North Queensland Australia. I had the opportunity to play rugby professionally but chose to serve.

About Me

I enjoy playing Rugby, love to Write/Produce & Perform Music as a singer and also Love admitting service to others for FREE. I come from a 5th Generation religious background, very strong & disciplined family which runs perfectly with the teachings of the gospel. I love hard & physical labor, I have been taught at a young age 'work ethic' and I'm very grateful for my family and the example they are to me for providing me with such a benefit to life in allowing me to fulfil my greatest potential "with an eye single to the glory of god." And I'm a MORMON

Why I am a Mormon

Over the years, it has occurred to me in most simplest forms of situations that people may call it coincidence, but I call it blessings... these blessings in my eyes have provided me with assurance that this church is true & all thats within. Like I said, others may see it as coincidence, I see it/we as Mormons see it as blessings from god. why is it that as I WRITE & SHARE abit about myself like this on this side of the computer screen today... a few days, weeks, months even years from now to a person on the other side of their devices, computer/laptop screens that may be reading this... that maybe struggling, have questions that want to be answered, looking for a new faith or in search of happiness... that same happiness that you see in your so called "Mormon Friend". why is it that you are reding this today??? I can testify to u that it is not coincidence. It is not coincidence that u are scrolling & looking at all the many different profiles, articles & videos of people that are apart of this faith, (The Church of Jesus Christ Of Latter-day Saints/ The Mormon Faith), it is not coincidence that you come across my profile that it may have stood out or make u feel impressed to read, it is not coincidence because the Lord sees past, present & future. He is the same yesterday, today & forever and he loves you. He really does. You just have to see it throughout you daily life. And the only way you can show him that you love him back is by recognising that he is there and that he loves & blesses you, & that he puts people in your life to help you, guide you, walk beside you when u need him (God) the most. The Lord works in Mysterious ways. In ways that you might not fully understand, but through faith in him & putting him first in all things.. any thing is possible. I just want to let you know that he loves you. I love you. And you must ask him through faith & through prayer if this is true. So I invite you to pray & ask if the church & what I testify is true.

How I live my faith

I live my Faith by fulfilling my callings as Bishop 1st assistant/advisor, Branch missionary, a Priest, and as a full-time missionary ready to serve in New Zealand - Wellington in May 25th 2017. If there is 1 way that I learn, it may not just be by listening and studying, but by doing it and applying through Charity & service. I am a DO'er and this Do'er will continue to DO all that he physically, mentally & spiritually can to please our lord & Saviour Jesus Christ by acting on behalf of him (as a servant of the lord) by serving others. because "when ye are in the service of your fellow beings... ye are in the service of your god."

Why do Mormons believe in the Bible?

We believe to the bible to be word of god "as far as it is translated CORRECTLY." The Bible goes hand in hand with the book of Mormon like a door hinge. If 1 hinge is rusty, faulty or broken... the door will not operate to its fullest capacity. It will not open or shut properly. If the other hinge is rusty, faulty or broken... It will still not be fixed. That is why both the bible & the book of mormon, both are needed to get the bigger picture. We believe in it because we know parts of it is true, and that both books are of different continents, similar but different time periods. But the main thing that separates both is through the publication and compilation of each. Each book was written through the spirit of revelation given through ancient prophets in the eastern hemisphere (bible) & the American continent (book of mormon). Each book was past down from generation to generation, from prophet to prophet until the point were the Lord commanded that they must hide up the book of mormon, so that it was correctly translated & published through proper authority in its due time, from god by Joseph Smith in 1830. The bible however wasn't hid up, so when the "dark-ages" came where the BIBLE then lost its fulness among professors, writers, kings, (men that thought they had the proper authority) to change the writings of the ancient prophets into their own language, for their own benefits. It then became partly true. That is why we need the Bible and The book of Mormon. Show more Show less