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Hi I'm Ryan Stirland

I'm a Mormon because of what I have read, seen, and felt. God may not always come when you call but he is always comes on time!

About Me

I am a father to four great, wonderful and perfect kids. I am a husband to a wonderful, beautiful lady that has no idea how great she is. She suffers from anorexia and I proud of the battles she fights every single day of her life. She is the center of my soul and without her there would be no life for me. I always say the best day of my life was the day when she said yes! She I love the mountains and riding my horses in them. When ever I get a chance that is where I will be. I love seeing the beauty of creation; untouched and perfect, because even in perceived imperfection there is inherent perfection. I like looking into the "roots"; the why behind the what. I love to imagine being places where Christ walked and trying and imagine the rest of the story. How far did Peter walk on the water? As the Savior stood near by was he wet from the "troubled" sea? And what about the leopardess, what did they do for the rest of their lives? I find peace in simply acts of kindness that I see people do every single day.I love to watch from the side lines. When I give a gift I love to see their expression but I don't want to be noticed. I get that from my mom My perfect day would be by a camp fire sharing fish and bread with He who understands all. It might be a quiet few moments but I am also sure that talking doesn't always need words.

Why I am a Mormon

I'm a Mormon because i have felt and seen and heard things that together says there is a God. All church have good in them. I often find my self overseas attending a church that is not mormon. What is important is to not just know who God and Jesus are but to know them in a personal way. When I feel sorrow and pain I know they understand. WhenI feel happy and excited they share in that joy as well. I'm a Mormon because I searched, pondered and prayed. I asked and I got an answer. I would invited you to do the same. What do you have to lose besides reading a good book for a few hours and coming to know better why you are here, where you came from and what happened after you die. I am a Mormon because God is full of grace and I'm going to need as much of that as I can get in order to get to heaven

How I live my faith

I live my life by trying to leave things better than when I came upon them. Often on my road-bike rides up American Fork Canyon I'll stop and move a rock that just might hinder the next person coming. Some times I'll take those rock home and grind them into powder and put them in a bucket. It reminds me that obstacles can be overcome and that greatness is in doing well the common lot of all man kind. My Grandma McKay taught me that I am a rescuer. My wife is always telling me to let the kids enjoy their own struggles. I wish I could clear their path so that they wouldn't need to struggle; "But I have learned to walk, and so I make you come to me." author unknown I'm grateful for hard times because God needs strong warriors to play out the war between good and evil here on this earth. I've failed plenty of times. I have scares on both the outside and on the inside that confirm battles both won and lost. A few of those losing battles have almost cost me my life. But like I said before; "He may not always come when you call, but he is always on time." I'm in one of those battles right now. But most wound are a long way from the heart. So as my Uncle Barrie say"pick yourself up and get going because when all is said and done what gets done is more important than what gets said."

What is the Atonement of Jesus Christ? Why was it necessary for Jesus Christ to sacrifice His life?

Ryan Stirland
The atonement give Jesus the power (grace) to draw us to him and the power to clean us and heal us from every infirmity you can imagine Show more Show less

What is being a Mormon like?

Ryan Stirland
The same as it is for you, without one exception. All keys for God's work are held by a living prophet, Thomas S. Monson. Show more Show less