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Hi I'm Daniel Benham

I grew up in Japan, I'm a Computer Scientist (now missionary), and I'm a Mormon.

About Me

I do almost a bit of everything. I'm crazy like that. First off, I'm an all-out geek: I love fantasy, sci-fi, mystery... I play D&D, I do videogames, I think puns and plays-on-words are the best things ever. Most every interest or hobby I have connects back into self expression. I love writing, drawing, dancing, programming... and thinking. A lot of it. I'm a proud Eagle Scout who, through Scouting, has developed a fierce love for the forested, mountainous wilderness that is my home... though I still believe that every day is a good day to stay home. The world can be a strange and dangerous place, but that's why we have Christ: to overcome difficulties and find peace and joy in things from the greatest miracles of creation to the quotidian details of life. I'm a Computer Scientist Major who believes in wonderful and wholesome art and entertainment. I believe in Determination; that we all need to pursue our hopes and dreams to the last. I think there's nothing quite like a quiet day at home. I believe in having a cup of cocoa after a long day, and that peanut butter and chocolate are a match made in heaven. I believe in friends and in family and that there is someone watching over me from day to day, helping me in ways I don't realize. I'm a devoted geek and deep thinker. And, oh, yeah... did I mention? I'm a Mormon

Why I am a Mormon

So why am I a Mormon? Well, I'll tell you. I was born into the church, I admit... but just because I've always been in the church, it doesn't mean that the church has always been in me. Regardless of who you are, we all, sooner or later, embark on a search for the truth. That's one reason I think we have trials: to push and motivate us: to help us realize or remember that there's something we need. I don't think anybody has a 'good' or rather, 'easy' life. We all have our problems, and more often than not, those problems can't be seen with the human eye. In many ways, I've had a blessed life... but I've had my share of hardships, like everyone else. That's why we need Christ. No one was meant to be independent of Him. Jesus Christ, through His Atonement, has helped me to become a better person than I ever could have been on my own. His redeeming power and love have brought me an inexpressible joy, and through trial, sorrow, and depending on Him, I have come to be converted to Him and his Restored Gospel. I'm a Mormon because I have experienced His power in my life, and I have come to know the truthfulness of His gospel, His love, the Book of Mormon, and the restored church. I know that anyone else who truly seeks after Christ and the truth, with dull purpose of heart, can also come to receive this witness. I want to share this message, and have chosen to serve as a missionary for Him. There's just no other way to put it: I'm a Mormon because Jesus Christ changed my life. And he can change yours too.

How I live my faith

The easy answer is that I'm a missionary, teaching about the Gospel everyday. I think a better answer, which is also short and sweet, is that everyday, through the Atonemont of Jesus Christ, I'm trying to improve myself: to be the best missionary, and person, that I can be.