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Hi I'm Ken

I grew up in Colorado. I live in the Great Northwest. I am father to three and grandfather to 10. I'm a Mormon.

About Me

I am a recently retired insurance executive. I have traveled the US extensively in my sales adventures, and have met extraordinary people and seen peculiar and interesting things. Insurance sounds boring to most, but insuring the types of businesses and meeting the people I have met over the years was exciting, challenging, and fulfilling. I played some sports when I was younger, I enjoy playing golf these days. As a young man, I worked with my father in his manufacturing business. My father has passed on years ago, but I recently was reminded of his inventive mind for solving problems through engineering. If you are ever in the Tucson AZ. area, tour the Titan II missile museum about 30 miles south of there. At the tour center, there is a cut-away model of the facility. Near the top and but still below ground, right outside of the nose cone area, there are 12 yellow cylinders in two banks of 6. My father supplied these for each Titan II an Minuteman silo. At the time, his product known as a hydraulic accumulator, was the only one that would pass government specifications. I remember helping him work on these when I was in my early teens. As I went on the tour, I heard the guide say that those who supplied the hardware for these operations were " America's Cold War Heros". I never knew the impact he had on our history.

Why I am a Mormon

It started because my Father and Mother were members of the church. But by 12 years old, I had my own convictions, beliefs, and testimony of the truthfulness of teachings I had learned. I have had too many manifestations of protection, guidance, and good results from right choices over the years to have any doubt or disbelief. Three close encounters with death or serious injury in my late teen years caused me to want to "repay" the blessing by being obedient and of service to others. Over the years of watching others make choices that have ruined their lives, their families, their enjoyment of life on earth, has driven me to want to chose the way the Savior would want me to live my life. To obey commandments is not a restriction, but is the ultimate freedom. To love others is easier than hate. To serve others brings more joy than self-indulgence. The watch the next generation follow the lead and keep themselves out of the troubles of this life is true happiness. My wife and I raised 3 children. They were not extraordinary, but they were good. They learned to sacrifice at a young age, they enjoyed being obedient (for the most part), and they were not strangers to effort required to forego wants, desires and immediate satisfaction for everything. The result, today they are extraordinary examples of the rising generation . Each is self-reliant, each is giving of talent, time, and resources for the good of others. They each have unique talents to bless the lives of others. They are well liked. They are parents to 10 grand children who are also on the path that has been set down. They are not without challenges. Autism is part of the family dynamic, a little rebellion now and then, and all face the challenges presented by the world to keep unspotted from the evil that lurks behind every screen. Their lives are as much a testimony to me of this being the right path as anything I read in scripture, or experience at church.

How I live my faith

I have always been an active member of community, work, and my church. I got a small taste of politics serving in a small town Chamber of Commerce as president for a year. That exposure taught me I had no stomach for the political scene. But the service associated with community involvement has always drawn me in. Feeding people in need, fund raising, community improvement, coaching and reffing youth basketball drew me in while my children were growing up. I think if I had it to do over with a career, I would have made a great baseball umpire, who knew the pay at the pro level was so good. At a young age, my father took me on home visits to people who lived in our church boundaries. He became their friend, and they enjoyed his visits. I have seldom missed a month of visits to my assigned homes, many who are widows or single ladies. Because of my height, I end up hanging a lot of pictures, changing a lot of light bulbs etc. when I visit their homes. A large part of life of course is the marriage covenant. That is how my wife and I view it. It has taken us down the road for 45 years. It hasn't always been easy. We have been through ups, downs, sideways skids, screeching stops, careening down steep hills, creeping up just as steep hills etc. We raised 3 children to adulthood, and now are reaping the rewards of being grandparent. When we figured it out that a 50/50 effort was not going to do it right, we started having more joy in our relationship, and less strain in life. Through it all, the eternal perspective taught by the Mormon faith, that a family is a forever unit after death into the eternities, makes all the difference in the effort put forward to make it work on earth. I live my faith for the blessings. They come from service, from obedience, sacrifice, and genuine love of God and my fellow man.