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Hi I'm Ambria

I'm a convert. I'm a 19-year-old college student. I'm a daughter, a sister, and a fiancee'. Most importantly, I'm a Mormon.

About Me

I'm a Psychology major at a large university in the "Bible Belt." I love art and music, especially rock n roll. I enjoy keeping up with shows on Netflix. I'm the only girl, and #2, of 4 kids. I was raised Southern Baptist, hellfire and brimstone. I was into some pretty rough things up until I was 15, the age at which I met my (now) fiance'. He, a life-long member, introduced me to Christ's Church on earth, and everything began to make sense. After a failed and rather heartbreaking attempt at asking my mother to allow me to be baptized, I quietly kept my faith for 3 years. On December 11, 2016, I made the best decision of my life, one that I hope to one day share with my family. I now share my testimony of God's timing with other investigators whose parents aren't fond of the Church, as well as my testimony of other things I have come to know as the absolute truth.

Why I am a Mormon

I am a Mormon because there is no denying this church is true. Growing up Southern Baptist, I can't say that I ever felt the Spirit much in the words that the Pastor spoke. I did not feel what the others in the church claimed to feel, and after having been through my childhood, I doubted that our Heavenly Father even existed. At 15, a young man, a man that I'll soon be marrying, spoke to me of his church, of Joseph Smith, of the ancient Americas, of the plan of salvation, and of God's love. I realized it all made sense, historically, logically, emotionally, and spiritually. I began the discussions with the local missionaries. I attended church. I'd never felt more comfortable, loved, or spiritual than when I attended the Mormon church. I knew the truth. I approached my strict, Baptist mother and told her of my amazing news. As I was told that there was no way I was becoming a Mormon, that Joseph Smith was a liar, and that the Book of Mormon was a fairy tale, I never lost Hope. I sat on a pew in the Baptist church I was forced to attend every Sunday and kept my Mormon faith a secret. As I started my first semester of college, I intended on continuing my path to baptism. If only I could find the campus missionaries. I knew they were around, I'd caught a glance of the Elders once before, but goodness, I couldn't find them for anything. On November 30th, I did not want to go to the dining hall with my roommate. I was sick, cranky, it was storming, and there was literally a tornado warning for the next hour. I'm sure the missionaries felt the same way as the Spirit told them that the on-campus cookout they'd been planning for November 30th had to go on, despite, you know, a tornado. After months of searching, I finally found the missionaries. I was baptized 11 days later and received the Holy Ghost directly afterwards, without the knowledge of my parents. Today, my mother accepts me as a Mormon, and I pray every day that she and my brothers will join me.

How I live my faith

Three months after my baptism, I was called as a branch missionary. This calling requires me to assist the full-time LDS missionaries in my branch with their finding, preparing, and teaching of people. I have been blessed enough to serve with the full-time missionaries who baptized me and several more after, and am extremely happy to call them my life-long best friends. I live my faith by trying my hardest to be an example. As I was once told, converts defy gravity, and I want others to see that in me and see that in themselves. I want to show future members that it's okay that your parents don't show up to your baptism. It's okay that your roommate kicks you out because you're a Mormon. It's okay that you give your last dollar to the Lord. It's okay that your friends leave because they think you're not a Christian. It's okay, because God will ALWAYS provide for those who stand up for Him.

Why was a Restoration of the Gospel needed? Haven’t we always had the Bible?

Think of how sacred the word of God is. Think of how wonderful and necessary it is. Think of how Holy it is. Now, think of how wicked humans can be. Think of how it's human nature to sin, and fall into temptation. Think of how people don't always like to be told what to do and how to live, and how they can be spiteful. Finally, think of the combination of the two. We have the precious word of God, in the hands of the sometimes-wicked. While Christ and his apostles were on the earth, the word of God was kept clean and true in their hands. They knew the truth that we (in modern-day time) find in the Book of Mormon. However, as they all died out, men took the Word and twisted it to their own preferences and understanding. That is the reason we have so many churches and denominations on earth today. The Bible is truth, of course, but men have interpreted it so many different ways, it's hard to know the correct way.This is why the Book of Mormon was unveiled to Joseph Smith, to be the point B to the point A that is the Bible. While telling of the prophets of the ancient Americas, the BOM clarifies for the Bible, and restores the important information that was too precious to be twisted by the wickedness of humans over time. Show more Show less