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Hi I'm Andrew

I'm a missionary, a musician, and I'm a Mormon.

About Me

Okay, let me explain myself. I grew up in a not-so-small city in a place not many people ever heard about in their life. Regina wasn't home to much of anything. The biggest attractions in my hometown are a science center, theater, and a government house. I went to schools where I was the only member of my church, so I was forced to be pretty outgoing. I was bullied quite a bit in elementary school, and it bothered me a lot. After a certain time, I decided that I didn't care what people thought of me and I could be my own person without worrying about what other people thought. I was in the drama program at my school, a choir boy, and I was a big nerd through all of high school. The one thing that I loved doing was wrestling. All my life, I tried all the sports you could think of, but wrestling took the cake. Not the John Cena "YOU CAN'T SEE ME" kind of wrestling. I mean the spandex, mouth guard, and headgear kind of wrestling (I only wore the spandex. I wasn't THAT big of a nerd). Before I had decided not to care what others thought about me, I was very depressed. I didn't care much about my life or what I was doing with it. 2 things that helped me out a lot were wrestling and the gospel. Wrestling gave me that outlet that I needed to vent my anger or sadness, and it gave me goals to aspire to. The gospel gave me life I haven't felt before. If I didn't have wrestling or the gospel, I would have lost my battle with depression and ended up a statistic for teenage suicides.

Why I am a Mormon

I grew up in the church, and both my parents are converts to this church. I was taught the gospel early in life, and had all the same ideals as the church. After I started going to high school, though, a lot of questions kept coming up that I didn't have the answer for. I started to doubt the very foundation of my faith, but I was told to ask these questions in prayer to my God to find out the answers. I was told that nobody in the church could answer these questions unless God had directed me to them and they were inspired to teach me these things. There is a saying in our church and that is repeated in the scriptures a few times. It says: "line upon line, precept upon precept. Here a little, there a little." It means that God usually doesn't answer all our questions right away, but that in His own time, he will answer all these questions for us, and all we have to do is believe on the basic things that we do know are true. I grasped on to this idea, and tried remembering all the experiences I had in my life that showed me God was real. I remembered every time that I felt the Spirit which brought peace and joy to my heart. I remembered all the times that I had applied a principle of the gospel and had blessings come because of it. Ever since I realized that, I have seen God bless me in ways I didn't know possible. I have overcome problems and challenges that seemed impossible to overcome, but I knew that God was beside me the entire time helping me along the way. I know that Christ's Atonement works. I have used it in my life to become clean of my sins as well as strengthen me for the times that I needed it. I have seen the peace and joy that the gospel brings to my life, and I know that others will benefit from this wonderful blessing.

How I live my faith

I am lucky enough to live in a place where there are lots of members around, so there are more than one YSA (Young Single Adult) branches (or congregations) near my town. I regularly go to this branch (or group/congregation). I am now a missionary in the Australia Sydney North Mission. I love talking to people about my faith. I let everyone know who I lean on for support. It is only Christ. He has lead me to happiness and joy that I have never felt before in my life. He has also helped me do things that I, myself could never do. I battled with addictions in High School, and Christ is the only reason why I have overcome that. Every time I see a new face, I love to always say hello (or at least try to). Everybody is welcome in our church whether they think they will set on fire or not (you won't. I promise).