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Hi I'm Cayden Harris Gray

I was born in West Jordan, Utah, at the age of 5 my family moved to Hawaii. I am on my mission in Billings Montana

About Me

I played football for four years. When I finished high school I immediately turned in my mission papers. About 2 months later I got my call to go to Billings Montana. Some people that I knew thought that I wouldn't like going to Montana for my mission, I told them that I love the snow, and it was easier for my parents to mail me the things I need while I'm out here. Since I've been on my mission, I have decided to attempt to learn Spanish and Hungarian. Though I have previously had no results from language studies in high school, I've had a strong feeling that if I put effort into it, that I will be able to learn them with greater ease. So far after studying in Spanish for 3 days I have achieved 8% fluency, though it isn't that great, it is amazing for me. I know that in any efforts that we go through with all our heart, we will be able to achieve them, though usually it helps to pray to Heavenly Father first, for as it says in Mathew chapter 7 versus 7 & 8, " Ask, and it shall be bgiven you; seek, and ye shall find; knock, and it shall be opened unto you. For every one that asketh receiveth; and he that seeketh findeth; and to him that knocketh it shall be opened". I know that this scripture is true, and that if you ask of God, with a willing heart and meekness, he will help you in all that you do, as long as it is good.

Why I am a Mormon

I started being a Mormon the moment I was born. My mother was a convert, though she believes in it more than anyone else I know. I continued at being a Mormon because I have gone to other churches and never felt the spirit, they just like to pretend usually. I will never doubt that this church is the true church. At times I did start to doubt the church, but then I started going to the temple, where I felt the massive impact of the Holy Ghost, who told me that this church is true, and that through this church I will find happiness with my future spouse, who will be my eternal spouse. I also learned that through this church I can help others in their daily struggles. I know that when we help others we are providing some of Christ's divine love to them through our diligent work, it doesn't even need to be a physical task, it could be as simple as smiling at people you pass by. I have been taught that you don't pass by those who need help, you stop and help them, because they are children of God, and they are loved by God just as much as we are. I rejoice in the ability to help others, it's probably why I am such a big strong guy, so that I can help those who can't carry their own burdens, both figuratively and literally.

How I live my faith

I have lived my faith by constantly going to church, living every commandmant, and especially going on my mission. I was always the one in charge of my age group, though it did get boring at times. One of the things that I have always struggled with is feeling the Holy Ghost in my life. I had the chance to go to the temple, where I could not deny the feeling of peacefulness that came over me. I have never before felt such a powerful feeling. There on the temple I received the conformation that I was supposed to go on my mission and that while I was on my mission I would be able to help many people in their times of need. I have also learned that through my being faithful and clean before God, I can be a role model for those around me, making them feel the love of Christ as much as I do, and by feeling that love they will be motivated to become more like him.

What is being a Mormon like?

Cayden Harris Gray
Being a Mormon to me means being willing to help others as well as looking forward to being with my family both parents, siblings, spouses, and descendants. Family is a major part of my life and the church treats it as the most important value. Also knowing that families can be forever further motivates me to grow close to my family, because why would you only want to be with those you love for a time, then when you die, what? You are no longer family? I could not imagine going through life believing that your family won't be your family once you die, I think that that is just sad. I want everyone to know that their families can be together forever, and that through the atonement of Christ we can return to live with each other and Heavenly Father for evermore, as long as we do our best to follow his commandments, and obey the laws that he set aside for us. Show more Show less