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Hi I'm Alyssa

I grew up in Reno, NV and am planning to serve a mission in Orlando, Florida from 2016-2018.

About Me

My favorite things to do on my free time are dancing, hiking, crafting, painting, watch movies, read, play board games or cards, and baking. I am in the beginning stages of college trying to balance out life in the real world. I want to one day be a Physicians Assistant and work in a hospital. I love caring for people in need or making someones day. That is what gives me my joy in life. I moved out from home right after high school not having the slightest clue how to be an adult but I worked through it and figured it out! I have always been a member of the LDS church but never truly started to understand it until about a year ago which inspired me to leave on a mission. Through my trials in this life I have come to have a strong testimony of Jesus Christ and what he has done for us so we could live. The hobbies I have come nowhere close to what this gospel means to me. I LOVE this church and I want to share it with others who don't even know how much they are missing out on. I want to bless the lives around me. I want to do the Lords work. I love him.

Why I am a Mormon

Why have I chosen to be a apart of God's church? Where do I start! I have not always understood God's church or the scriptures because it can be very difficult when it's new. I grew up in the gospel, but unfortunately was not living a life that was in harmony with the teaching of the gospel. Let me just say that during those few years I fell away a little, my life was not the greatest. Heavenly Father gave me my greatest trials I had ever faced and Satan tempted me in the ways he knew he could get me. So when I had returned back to living faithfully I truly noticed a difference and that was when I realized that the "rules" God has set for us are not rules and they do not limit our happiness. They expand our happiness and let our real personalities shine! There are many worldly temptations out there that look like they are just so much fun, but many people who have seen both sides agree that the worldly stuff did not come close to being as amazing as the church is. I've come to realize the church is a place where there are always people to lift you up, always people to help you work through trials, and always people that set Christlike examples. The church is what gives me purpose, shows me that I can live with my family for eternity, and it gives me motivation to be the best I can be so that one day I will be reunited with my Father in heaven. I have a testimony that Joseph Smith restored this gospel by translating the Book of Mormon. I know the Book of Mormon to be true and the word of God. I have personally prayed for the truth and have received an answer that this is God's true church. I testify that prayer is the best way to personally communicate with God. He is always there, He is always listening, and He will always know us better than we know ourselves. I know this church is true and pray that one day everyone will see and understand God's teachings.

How I live my faith

In my church I have not had many callings. I have only served as a second counselor in the woman presidency for a thing we call "relief society". It's pretty much just a gathering of women for an hour talking about our feelings, how we can apply the gospel to our lives better, and what we can do to prepare ourselves for returning to live with our father in heaven. With my calling, it was asked of me to be over activities for the women in the ward. So I got to plan all sorts of fun things for us to do and make. Many times it was fun activities and others were service oriented. It's all the best though, it's amazing to see the smiles on peoples faces when you do something nice and unexpected for them. It was very stressful since I was young and in my first year of college but once I figured it out I truly loved it. I loved all the women I was able to see all the time and visit with. It really pushed me out of my shell and taught me how to be my own person and not just live under mom and dad's wing anymore. So even though some people may walk around saying they don't like their calling and it's too much work, usually they will come back at the end of their calling and say they have never been so thankful for anything in their life. Nobody likes to be pushed out of their comfort zone that much, but we are all grateful in the end. I also was able to help out a lot with visiting teaching which was so much fun! We just got to plan out what two women in the ward would be teaching who and then we, as a presidency, also got to visit around a lot. Surely, the four of us could not visit every girl all the time, so this system was very helpful. We ensured that every girl would be visited by someone and that person that helps them sometimes can become their best friend because we never know what people are going through. It was truly a blessing to help the lives around me.