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Hi I'm Christian Bigner

Learn from history, support our first-responders and military, and enjoy friends and family... All while praising our Father.

About Me

"My story? Ok! I was born a poor, black child..." Just kidding, that's a movie quote! I was born in Baton Rouge, Louisiana on October 22, 1995. My family and I lived in a small town called Ponchatoula until 2008, when we moved to Florida. I have one brother, who is 4 years younger than me. I was raised as a Southern Baptist for most of my life and converted to Roman Catholicism when I was 16. I was baptized into the LDS church on August 13, 2016. I am the only member in my family. I am an avid historian and I participate in historical reenactments on regular basis, mostly concentrating on the American Civil War (both sides). I have traveled to numerous states for events, including Pennsylvania, Tennessee, Virginia, and Georgia. I hope that through this I can meet new people and spread both a love for history and the Gospel. Recently, I graduated from the Criminal Justice Training Center at Northwest Florida State College and have begun pursuing a career as a Law-Enforcement Officer. I will likely be the only Mormon cop in my jurisdiction, hopefully I can do something to help change that!

Why I am a Mormon

"A long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away..." -- Hey, look, another movie quote! Anyway, my journey to find the church isn't particular long or complicated, but it does have a lesson in it, I suppose. I was raised as a Southern Baptist and my parents did an excellent job in building my spiritual foundation as a small child. They brought me to church, took me to Sunday school, and always enrolled me in bible school during the summer. As I got older, we became less and less active in church until reaching the point of NEVER going at all. This went on for years, and for my parents to this day, until 2013. I decided that I wanted to attend church again, but didn't know where to go. My girlfriend at the time was a member of the local Catholic Church, so I went there, converted and gradually drew away from it as there was something just not quite right about what I was feeling. About two years of very un-Christian, secular behavior passed and we arrive at 2016. I was in the police academy and wanting to go to church again. I had already changed my ways and was trying to live according that spiritual foundation that my parents instilled in me as a boy. In June of 2016, I met a very special person that acted as a catalyst for my conversion, had it not been for this person I would've never started to educate myself on what LDS is really about. Ideas were introduced, doctrine was shared, missionaries accidentally showed up to my house looking for directions (I took that as a sign to investigate further). So, I agreed to start taking baptismal lessons. i was skeptical of many things at first, but as I read the Book of Mormon, prayed my heart out, received the sacrament I felt something. "Something I've not felt since... (dramatically turns and walks away)," sorry, another movie quote! I felt a peace, but also a fire, urging me to go forward, learn, and accept the gospel and its teachings. As of Aug. 13, 2016, I carry the torch, sword, and shield in the name of Jesus Christ.

How I live my faith

I have yet to receive a calling in my ward, but I still do whatever I can to help out around the church and support my church family. If someone needs something done/asks me to do something, I respond with resounding, "Absolutely!" I strive to live the Word of Wisdom, observe the Law of Chastity, provide service to my community, and read/pray every day. I find that when I do these things, my life is truly blessed.