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Hi I'm Laurie

I love to travel, I love to play sports, I love to read, and I'm a Mormon!

About Me

I am a sports fanatic. In high school, I played fastpitch softball, basketball, and soccer. I am always down for a pickup football game. I like roller skating, swimming, and bike riding. Recently I learned to long-board and I did a mini triathlon. I love to try new things, so I'm always up for an adventure. I can be a total bookworm sometimes too. I like sci-fi, (Dune and the Lunar Chronicles are a couple of favorites) thrillers, mysteries, and science. I am a big fan of action/suspense movies and marvel comics, and I'm an even bigger fan when the two are combined. I can tell you just about anything about Spider-Man. If traveling were free, you'd never see me. This summer I have driven across the continental United States TWICE. I love it. So far I have traveled in 27 different states, and I think that isn't bad for only being 22 years old. I have my Associates degree in General Education and plan to continue my education when I return from serving my mission. I have my mission call to the Helsinki, Finland mission and could not be more excited! I will be entering the MTC in only a few short weeks and look forward to serving the Lord and the people of Finland!

Why I am a Mormon

Sooo... I grew up Protestant in a very devout family. Throughout my life I've attended many different churches. But something was always missing. When I was 20 I made a friend that was a Mormon. Joey began to teach me about the Gospel and invited me to church. I was extremely curious, but had no interest in becoming a Mormon. It took a couple of months for me to even consider myself an investigator even though I was reading the book of Mormon and now attending church with Joey and his family. His family welcomed me into their home and continued to teach me, despite how many times I know I tried their patience. I began to take the missionary discussions. After 6 months, I was baptized. 4 days later, Joey left on his mission. A few days later, his amazing family moved away. My Elders went home. I felt completely alone. My parents were angry and my best friend disowned me for my faith. But I didn't give up. I kept praying. I finished reading the Book of Mormon. I began to do family history and attend the temple. The Lord kept me strong and faithful throughout a very difficult time in my life. I decided that I wanted to serve a mission of my own, like Joey and like my Elders. Another Elder came to my new church and began to teach me about missionary work. I began to teach others. In two weeks, I will leave on my own mission. The Gospel is true. LDS doctrine filled in so many pieces of my faith that were missing. The Gospel came to life for me, and I have come to know my Savior better in one year as a Mormon than I did in 21 years as a Protestant. Joseph Smith was a prophet that restored the Gospel and the Book of Mormon to the earth. The promise in Moroni 10:4-5 is true. I have seen this in my own life. For anyone reading my testimony, I would ask you not to give up, but to continue searching. Read the Book of Mormon and ask God if it is true, then act on that answer. Being baptized was the best decision I have ever made. I am a Mormon, and I have no regrets.

How I live my faith

I live my faith by sharing my testimony with others and working with the missionaries. Soon, I will be living my faith by being a missionary! I love sharing my conversion story with others and also hearing their stories! I have had people tell me that they wished that they had a "cool conversion story like mine" to share. But I've got news for you. YOU DO! We are all children of our Heavenly Father, and we've all had our own conversion, whether we were born in the church or not. We all had to come to that point where we've had to let go of the testimony of our parents or friends and gain our own testimony of the gospel of Jesus Christ. We are all equally loved by our Father, and none of our conversions are more important or meaningful than any other conversion, whether you got baptized at the age of 8 or 80! As long as our testimonies come from our hearts, they will always uplift and strengthen those around us.

What is a “testimony” that Mormons speak of?

A testimony is your personal knowledge and understanding concerning your faith in Jesus Christ. By sharing your testimony, you are testifying that you know in your heart and mind that what you are saying is true. More simply put, a testimony is your personal knowledge that you know the church and the Gospel are true. A testimony can be gained by reading the scriptures and praying with sincere intent to know that they are true. Our Heavenly Father has promised us that if we will do this, He will reveal an answer to us. Show more Show less

Why do some call Mormonism a cult?

I was always taught growing up that Mormons were a cult, but after becoming one, I see that we really aren't that different from any other Christian faith. We have some beliefs and practices that are a little bit different, and that can seem very scary from an outsiders perspective. But we really aren't crazy or secretive. We believe that Jesus is the Only Begotten Son of God, and that He atoned for the sins of the world by His death on the cross. He rose from the dead on the third day and now rules at the right hand of God. Mormon is really just a nickname. Our actual name is "The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints" for this reason. Where we would differ and therefore be unorthodox is that we believe that the Father, the Son, and the Holy Ghost are 3 distinct persons, but one in purpose. We believe that the Book of Mormon is the word of God. It doesn't replace the Bible, rather it supports and clarifies it. It is another ancient record written by people living in the Americas around the same time that the Bible was written. So in our church, we teach from both the Bible and the Book of Mormon. We also believe that God still calls Prophets and Apostles to lead and guide His people on the earth just as He did in Biblical times. We don't worship Joseph Smith. He was simply the first Prophet called in the latter days, and he translated the Book of Mormon into English. Show more Show less

Are all Mormons required to serve a mission?

No, missionary service is not a requirement. We choose to go because we want to. Serving missions has become a part of our culture, and we may feel pressure to serve, but we are not forced at any point. We serve missions because of how much the Gospel has blessed our lives and we want to share that blessing with others. We also believe that God has commanded us to go forth throughout the world and teach the Gospel to all people. However, this doesn't mean that serving a full time mission is the only way to follow this commandment. There are many who choose to teach the Gospel in their home town to their friends and family. No type of service is more important than another. I personally have chosen to serve a full time mission. I hope to bless the lives of others, and in doing so, I know that my life also will be blessed. I expect this mission to be one of the greatest experiences of my life, and I know I will not regret choosing to serve. Show more Show less

How can I find someone to talk with, in person, about the Mormon religion?

Google an LDS church near you. You can attend that church and meet Mormons, or you can call and request a phone number for missionaries. Missionaries will come to your home (or another meeting place if you prefer) and will be happy to answer your questions. If you are unable to do either of these things, pray. If you sincerely desire to know more and ask God to send someone to teach you, I guarantee He will! Show more Show less