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Hi I'm Jackson

I am a Missionary, I'm a Musician, I have Depression & I'm not Afraid to Tell others about it, & I'm a Mormon!

About Me

I'm 20 year old, Football and Baseball lover! I have been playing brass instruments for 8+ years And I attended Utah State University for a semester then left on a mission. I love to teach, I have a dream of becoming a Seminary Teacher as a career. My Mission has helped me so much with that! I was lucky enough to to be born into the church to a amazing family. I was born in West Jordan Utah, but moved to Layton Utah before I was 2. Its where my siblings and I grew up! I'm the oldest of my family, My Brother is 17 and my Sister is 14 who i both love very much. I am Currently Serving the Lord in the Utah Salt Lake City South Mission!

Why I am a Mormon

I was lucky enough to be born into this church and I made the choice to stay in it, and I will NEVER leave. This church brings nothing but joy and happiness in my life, and it will bring Happiness and Joy to my future wife and children's lives. I know that it will bring joy to every one. The plan of salvation is a amazing thing that God has given us, and He wants us all to be happy. Everyone no matter who You are, You Deserve Happiness.

How I live my faith

January 2016 I left to serve a mission in Argentina, but when I was in the MTC I had some Medical problems including bad depression and unmedicated ADD. I was sent home. That tore me apart. Serving a mission was always something I wanted to do so I didn't give up. I was given the opportunity to serve again this time closer to home, I am serving for 2 years. Im serving in the best Mission ever, the Utah Salt Lake City South Misssion! It dosent matter where you serve as long as you are serving the Lord, location should be the least of your worries! Even though I went home I did feel sorry for myself, however I did the best I possibly could and I believe that if we do our best and continue to do our best no matter what happens Heavenly Father will provide a way for us. If it's completing a mission or coming home it doesn't matter. He will provide a way as long as we do all we can. Alma 26:12 says "...In His Strength I can do All Things..." As long as we do the best we absolutely can, and if we have faith he will do the rest. And We Need Not Fear! Ill be the first to admit that I'm far from perfect, and yes I still deal with my trials, but I know that with the Saviors help I can always overcome them. When I first came on my mission I felt I couldn't do it, then something amazing happened. My Father sent me a picture of my Missionary Plaque. The dates were "July 2016 - July 2018" it also had Alma 26:12 on it. I realized that if I can do anything with Him, why am I not trusting Him? After that I made the choice of staying in this mission for my full 2 years! Its the best choice I ever made! Now I still struggle with my depression because I'm not perfect, however he provided again. He sent someone to me, and She has impacted me on a scale that no one has. I'm so grateful for a God who sent Her to me exactly when I needed Her in my life! He will always provide for us no matter what, as long as we trust in Him, follow Him, believe in Him. He will be there always and forever.

Can a husband and wife be together forever? Do Mormons believe that families will live together in heaven?

Absolutely we believe, and we know that families can live together forever. Only if they are sealed for time, and all eternity in the Temple. Weddings not in the temple the wording in the ceremony is: "Till death do you part". It's sad if you love someone enough, that you want to be with them Forever but only live together in this life. Personally it's a little depressing. In the Temple the wordings is different: "Legally and Lawfully wedded for Time and all Eternity". This means you can be with your spouse in this life, and in the next including your children. However this wonderful covenant is not limited to people who were originally married in the temple. Worthy converts to our church who are already married or will soon be married. Can wait about a year after they are baptised, then they are able to participate in getting sealed to their spouse and children for time and all eternity as well. And they to can also be with their families in this life and in the next. Show more Show less