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Hi I'm Lettie

I am a Return Missionary, a active member of the church, I'm gay, and I'm a Mormon.

About Me

I love a lot of things, I am a huge out-doors enthusiast. If there is a mountain I want to climb it. I love the forest and one of my favorite things about living where I do is my free access to so many incredible places to adventure. I also really enjoy art, I'm a painter, which also includes a lot of listening to music; another passion despite my lack of musical talent. I've always been a free-thinker. I've always wanted to make an impact on the world and build other people up. I am studying to become a physical therapist, but I also intend to receive other degrees in other medical fields and to become a certified Birth Doula. When I was very young, I realized I was gay. I was raised in the church, but my family was not ideal and though my mother was the perfect parent, my father was negligent. As I got older I was sexually assaulted by a boy I went to high school with, and this made being gay even harder because I wasn't just unattracted to men, but I was afraid of them. I always felt like being gay made me bad. Like I myself was against God's will and that my very existence was a sin. I open up about this now that I am an adult because I know that God loves me, and I hope that by sharing my testimony and the way I live I can strengthen other people. I am attracted to women, but I live a chaste life and have chosen to seek for a man to marry. I developed anxiety in my teens, but have worked to overcome and rise above the struggles I've faced. And you can, too.

Why I am a Mormon

I am a Mormon, not just because my mother loved me and taught me and my brothers how to be Mormon, but because when I chose to be a missionary at the age of 19, I truly questioned and searched the truth out for myself. I am a big advocate of being open and communicating with God in your own way. As I spoke with him like I would a close friend, I felt him there with me, and as our relationship grew stronger I asked for signs and understanding...Which I was very blessed to receive. I am a Mormon because no other religion has fit all the puzzle pieces of life together so well for me. I have studied and pondered many theories and beliefs, but the gospel of Jesus Christ is the most perfect, beautiful, and fulfilling I have ever known. It answers all of my most meaningful and important questions. And I have grown to not just live it, but love it.

How I live my faith

I live my faith by attending my meetings and spending one-on-one time with my Heavenly Father when I hike or attend the temple. But I live my faith daily most of all by giving God my heart. Being a gay member of the church is so hard! I don't tell everyone about it, because many people in the church don't know how to react and it makes them afraid or uncomfortable. Also, since I choose not to act on my attraction to the same gender, other gay people tend to label me as "brain-washed" or "forced" into living my religion. But I truly believe in Gods eternal plan! I taught this plan as a missionary and gained a firm belief that God creates a way for ALL of his children to live the way he has commanded them. I love my God and I love Christs Gospel. My sexuality does not define me, and it doesn't subtract from who I am, nor does my anxiety. In fact, both have built me in ways I never would have dreamed. I now see that for me, personally, being gay is like being an alcoholic: I'm tempted, but I have a choice. God made me this way for a purpose, and it is to rise above this single characteristic and use it to accent all the rest of me. A favorite quote is "You have been given this mountain to show others it can be moved". Faith needs to be exercised daily, and I do find it hard some days to make the choice to remain strong and trust in God...But I made this choice a long time ago. God has taught me so many things in my life and given me so many witnesses. I know there are numberless struggles in our lives, but there are countless blessings aswell and they always out-weigh the hardships! It's like this with faith. We need opposition, so we can choose the right. I love who I am because I know God gave me these specific challenges not to tear me down, but to build me higher than I would ever have thought to take myself! His plan is perfectly mapped out, and it's the most beautiful road I've ever hiked!