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Hi I'm Marie Gregson

Raised in Prairie Grove, AR. BYU student. Missionary in the Scotland/Ireland. Your average jokester & adventurist. I'm a mormon

About Me

I was born and raised Prairie Grove, Arkansas, (explains my occasional craving for anything fried) and I am currently confused about what to do with my life at Brigham Young University! For someone who lacks so much musical talent, I love music so much, like all kinds of music. I am a lover of sports and pretty much any food. Totally love the outdoors & all that God's creation has to offer. I have the most amazing family (youngest of 4) and my best friends are the best of the best & they're scattered all over the world. Many of them serving as full-time missionaries. Can't wait to join them as I take a brief (1.5 year long) break from the real world to serve the Lord and the people of Scotland/Ireland as a missionary for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints! Can't wait for this next big adventure!

Why I am a Mormon

I may seem like what they would call your "stereotypical mormon." I was born into a home where both parents and all siblings were members, was baptized when I was 8, continued to go to church all throughout my teenage years, was known as the mormon in my high school, and then of course, left to attend Brigham Young University. And wait that's not all, I also decided to serve a full time mission. On paper it seems like an easy path, however, growing up in a place with few members helped me see many others lives without the gospel. And I truly, did not understand how people got through things they did without the full knowledge of God, our Eternal Father and his Son, Jesus Christ. I can be honest in saying, I feel like I have never had to go through anything too painful or hard in my life. Not because I have an easy life, or that life for mormons is easy, but because the Lord has had his hand in everything that goes on in my life. By growing up in a home, where I was taught to look for the Lord's hand in my life every day, I really learned to see that He is there every step of the way. No situation has seemed so hard because I can trust in my knowledge of Heavenly Father, and know that because Jesus Christ died for me, all can be made well in my soul, and I can always change, and things can always be made better. There is never a lost cause. I am a mormon because nothing else in this life, no person, no item, no amount of money, can bring the amount of joy that living the gospel of Jesus Christ can bring. Some may ask, "well how do you KNOW that nothing else brings more joy?" And I can say that I have felt this greater joy, there is no way anything else could match that full and true joy.

How I live my faith

My faith is what keeps me happy, so I try to live my faith by exerting that happiness outwardly as much as possible. Often, I feel my happiness is outwardly shown through making others, or even myself laugh. I think laughter is a great way to lighten loads. Laughter can bring hope and glimpses of joy, which again, is what my faith is all about. I feed that faith by attending church every week, which may seem simple, but also not common for your average college student. Also unlike many people my age, I refrain from drinking alcohol or partaking in other addictive substances. I know that God gave me my body, and I want to take care of it. Not only did He give me a body, but He gave me a family. I am lucky enough to have a family full of Christ-like examples, by spending time with them, and having close relationships with them, I can better follow their great examples, and better live my faith. Most importantly I live my faith by trying to involve the Lord in all that I do. He knows what is best, so why not live my life by trusting in His all-knowing guidance?