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Hi I'm Sarah

I was born and raised in Utah. I am an Emergency Medical Technician. I'm a Mormon.

About Me

I am the youngest child of five, and there is a seven year gap between me and the next closest sibling. My parents liked to joke that I was actually an only child with six parents. I enjoy reading and writing, and I have done both since I was very little. When I was younger, I wanted to be either an archaeologist or criminal psychologist. It wasn't until high school where I realized that I loved medicine and I became an EMT. I am currently in school to be a paramedic and one of my hopes is to eventually work in the ER helping people. I love music, and I know how to play the piano, organ, and trombone. I also love to sing, and I tend to randomly burst into song.

Why I am a Mormon

I had a strong testimony when I was young. When I was twelve and went into junior high, however, my testimony started to waver. A lot of my friends were of other faiths or didn't even really believe in God. It was hard when I was the minority in my group of friends. Even though I lived in Utah, I was the minority. I had a hard time believing that God was really there, especially when I saw the pain that my friends went through. However, every time I would really wonder, I would see some sort of miracle in my life. The one that sealed my testimony was at girls camp one year. We spent a couple of days at Zion National Park, and for a hike, we went up Angel's Landing. It's a steep, and at the end, there are a bunch of chains that you had to hold onto in order to make it safely to the top. I had climbed it once before with my family, so I thought that all was going to be ok. Nothing was going to happen. The leader of our young women's group was very insistent that we ALWAYS hold onto the chains. She had me lead, and I think it's because she knew that if I was in the back, I wasn't going to follow her rules. In order for me to remember to hold onto the chains, I would sing a hymn in my head. "Hold to the rod, the iron rod. Tis strong and bright and true. The iron rod is the word of God. Will safely guide us through." I likened the chains to the rod. If I held to the rod, I would be safe. I made it all the way up without incident, and on the way down, I stayed in the middle. As I got to the bottom, I started to loosen my grip. As soon as I did, I heard a voice in my head as if they were right behind me. "Sarah don't let go of the chains. Don't you dare let go." I tightened on the chains just as my foot slipped. My hand started to slip, and I felt a hand over mine, but no one was close to me. I know that the Lord warned me that day and helped me. He cares about all of us, and I know His church is true. It saved my life then (literally) and has done it every day since.

How I live my faith

I grew up in the church and enjoyed every minute of it. I used to be the president for the young women ages 12-18, and I loved serving the girls. When I was seventeen, I became a ward missionary tied especially to the young men and young women of my ward. I participated in councils and groups in order to provide fun activities for people my age to participate in from when I was 12 to when I turned 18. In the young single adult ward I am in, I am also a ward missionary and I go around to the rest of the ward helping them. I share the messages of Jesus Christ and His church, and help those that might be struggling with anything. I have just been called as a full-time missionary and will be serving the people of Farmington New Mexico and the surrounding areas for 18 months. Needless to say, I'm really excited.

Do Mormons only help Mormons?

One of the things that Mormons are taught when they were little was to love and serve one another. Service is a huge component of our belief and we believe that anyone who needs help deserves to receive it. Be them Mormon, Catholic, Muslim, Jewish, Protestant, agnostic, or atheist. Show more Show less