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Hi I'm Cory Bohnsack

I'm Cory Bohnsack ( Elder Bohnsack) I'm from Victorville, California. I currently serve in the Fort Collins Colorado mission

About Me

I was raised in Victorville California. I'm the oldest of two, having a younger sister. I currently am living the lord's errand in the Fort Collins, Colorado mission. I have since served in Cheyenne Wyoming and Casper Wyoming, now in Scottsbluff Nebraska( everywhere but Colorado). When I'm not a full time missionary, I enjoy a good amount sports, soccer and dodgeball being my favorite, but basketball is starting to come in clutch. I am a huge(HUGE) boardgamer. I am always up for a game of risk, any addition. Axis and allies is my jam. I absolutely love strategy games and love to read about strategy and history. I want to major in study nuclear and nautical engineering. I love the navy and can't wait to join after I get my bachelors at BYU-I( online maybe). I am also a huge Star Wars and Star Trek fan, as well as loving the marvel movies. I love anything that involves space. I grew up in Temple City California to two wonderful parents. I stayed there till I was 10 and due to housing conditions ended up moving to a less green, less balanced climate of the high desert in California. I spent my teen years there learning and growing. my high school years there were full of life lessons, many of which Included dating, music, hiking, and trying to survive Highschool, but I also saw a lot of the trials of the world and the mountains we have to climb in our lives. But I know that trials are what allows us the space to grow, without which we would never learn anything.

Why I am a Mormon

Why are you a Mormon? I was always asked that even before the mission, but to tell you the truth I really did not know, I know I was baptized at eight, but I did not know I even wanted to be a Mormon. Now that I have had some time to ponder on that question, I think I have my answer. The Book of Mormon contains ancient records of Christ's dealings with the people of ancient South America. The Bible is of Christ's dealings with those in the Middle East. The Bible throughout its long history was changed, modified and translated multiple times at various different points in history, while ultimately carrying out its purpose of doing good in the world, it lost many valuable truths about the teachings of Jesus Christ. Also many people took the parts they liked in the Bible and ran with it into their own teachings. Instead of letting his children suffer due to their own wickedness, our Heavenly Father, through ancient and righteous prophets, kept the records of the americas sacred and pure, and kept them hidden away for the right time, to bring them forth at the darkest hour so that we would have our light back to our Heavenly Father. This is why I am a Mormon( the name of the prohet who kept the ancient records pure) it truly shows the love of our god who was prepared and kept a "secret weapon" have you, against the darkness and the plan of the adversary, Satan. It is through the Book of Mormon and the bringing back of lost truths. A lot of people don't believe in the Book of Mormon because it shakes their beliefs in only having the Bible. Christ himself said " by their fruits shall ye know them" look at all the good having the Book of Mormon and latter day prophets have done for the world. Look at the results of the restored gospel, peace, happiness, all centered around strengthening the family for its return to our creator. The intro to the Book of Mormon invites all to read it and to pray to Godin the name of Jesus Christ if it is true. That is why I am Mormon

How I live my faith

Being a missionary for the Lord has been a truly humbling experience. It is our duty to live the gospel of Jesus Christ every second of the day, every hour of the day. None of us make it to that point but through the our own endurance we don't have to worry about it. None of us are perfect and none of us are capable of being a completely dedicated individual. But we can always try. We can follow our Savior's example and do good at every turn. We can look for opportunities to serve our fellow man and increase our productivity level. Do these things knowing that you have a Heavenly Father, who loves and who will protect you as you go and obey his commandments that have been set forth. I was never the kindest person at home, and I'm still not the nicest person even out here in the mission field. But I can testify to you that as you go out everyday with a good heart and a good mind, that you will find blessings in even the small things. And that doing these things, even as you yourself struggle in life's great journey, that the lord guides us, and he gives us these commandments and these struggles to that we grow in our lives. Because our whole purpose to being on this earth, is so that we are able to learn the knowledge that we didn't have with our Father in heaven, and to truly understand what joy truly is. If we go about our days with that thought in mind, and treat every mishap as a lesson to learn, we will be able to return to our Heavenly Father one day. That is how I live his teachings. I know that every thing that happens in my life happens for a reason, so I don't look at the negativity in the world as much as i used to, as we are all here learning, none of us are perfect and we all make mistakes, but through our redeemer Jesus Christ we all can be if we come unto him and learn and live his teachings.