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Hi I'm Isaac

I'm an artist and a creative enthusiast. I'm a Mormon.

About Me

I'm a high school graduate. I chose to be very ambitious and take four college level (AP) classes during my senior year of high school: Calculus, Japanese, United States Government, and English Language. While in high school, I was called to be the Class President in two different Seminary Classes two different years. I was the two-time Chess Club champion at my school. I enjoy writing creatively as well as becoming captivated inside fictional novels, especially Brandon Sanderson's works. I'm the oldest child in my family.

Why I am a Mormon

Why am I a Mormon? Such a profound question. I'm a Mormon because I need God. Through the short time that I've been blessed to have on this planet, I can only fathom a sliver of how long an Eternity must be. I learn in the inspired Book of Mormon that whatever Spirit my body has on the last of its probation is going to be the Spirit that I'm going to be stuck with for that Eternity. How I be judged? Will I prove to a "profitable servant"? Although I was born into the Church, I wasn't "born of God" as a result. That part I had to figure out on my own. Eventually, I did. It was not in the way I anticipated. "Whom the Lord loveth, he chasteneth" (Heb 12:6). Consequently, I now know that God loves me. Through my choices, my soul ended up wrapped in innumerable links of chains. My divine gift of agency, of choice, became increasingly more difficult to exercise. So much so, that the Light of hope was dimming, and the future grew dark. Desiring to see the Light again, I attempted to untangle my iron cocoon. Without any Light, it was impossible. I needed to humble myself to allow the Savior of mankind help me through His infinite and Eternal Atonement. So, I did, and my soul feels "lighter." I have come to know for myself that the Savior lives and that God is mindful of every single one of His children on the earth. I earnestly look forward to seeing Him, thanking Him for what he has done for me and for those whom I love.

How I live my faith

I live my faith through increments of action or by doing small things on a daily basis. As an employee, I live my faith by exercising honesty, diligence, and self-discipline. While at home, I do my best to be a peacemaker among my siblings and family instead of encouraging contentious behavior. At a minimum, I read my scriptures and talk to God through prayer at least once a day, whether after I awake or as part of my nightly routine before I go back to bed. Thankfully, in a modern era of overflowing information, there's other pieces of literature that I read in addition to the Lord's like "Miracle of Forgiveness." Of course, I think that the hardest battlefield to live the Gospel on is the Mind's. Temptations of every kind bombard God's children daily as part of Satan's attempt to draw them off of their destined course, the course Heavenly Father laid out for them before they chose to come to earth, the "straight and narrow path."