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Hi I'm Gideon Schow

My name is Gideon and I've lived in West Jordan, Utah my whole life. I live to learn and to make others happy. I'm a Mormon.

About Me

I'm a recent High School graduate, and my whole life I've felt exceedingly average. I look around and it seems that my hobbies of playing games, writing music, learning, and all things "Nerf" related are absolutely trumped by the hobbies and experiences of everyone else in the world. I do love those things, and I continue to find new ways to love them and share my love for them with others. A notable accomplishment I've made is taking first place in the Nerf Dart Tag World Championship. That's something I had wanted for several years and when I finally got the opportunity I did everything I could to keep my hopes low so I wasn't let down. That's a common trend in my life, but that's definitely no way to live. Hope is one of the greatest things I can have because through hope I can completely overcome my fears and put my anxieties of inadequacy to rest.

Why I am a Mormon

I was born into the church, and that can cause a lot of "indoctrination" accusations to come my way. Regardless of my being raised in this church, I have had full control over my actions for my entire life. This is evident because even though we have certain commandments, I fall short more often than might be expected. Since I was 9 years old I've had an addiction to pornography, and even though I've been raised knowing that such behavior is unhealthy, I kept indulging it due to a combination of fear and a desire to do so. Pornography has made my life so much harder than it ever needed to be and it's made trusting people and having healthy relationships hard. Since I've always had a desire to have a lot of friends at school it's easy to see how it could have been even harder. All the decisions I make are of my own volition, and I am fully aware of the consequences of decisions I make before I make them. The reason I continue to follow the teachings of Jesus Christ is because I can legitimately testify that His prescribed methods of attaining happiness and feeling love for one another truly work. Everything I have been taught in this gospel, so long as I've sought to find the truth for myself and have my own testimony, works and is completely accurate and true. I can promise that by reading the Book of Mormon and sincerely praying to know the truth of it for yourself, you can have an experience where the Holy Ghost will testify to you of its truth. I can say this because the times I've doubted my faith are too numerous to count, and every time I legitimately pray to God for knowledge of the truth, I am met with the same answer every time; "Yes, this gospel is true. I love you." Not once have I received an answer other than that. However, the feelings you get can't be described physically, so they might be easy to miss, but if you can sincerely listen with you ears, heart, and mind, you will be as certain of the answer as you are of the sun rising in the morning.

How I live my faith

I'm about to serve an LDS mission which is probably the first time I could say I've actively sought to live my faith. However, throughout high school I made it a very important part of my life to avoid getting into anything that would put me into a physical or spiritual place where I couldn't have normal relationships. This meant avoiding drugs and alcohol, keeping myself morally clean, using clean language and making sure my friends shared my standards. Until recently I had constantly held a calling in my ward and/or stake. I used to be the leader of my particular age group within the ward, and that calling came again and again as I grew older. During my senior year I held the calling of a member of our school's Seminary council. This is a group of about 10 students who have been recommended by their respective stake presidents to take a portion or responsibility over our peers at the school. We were in charge of making sure our students felt engaged and felt comfortable while being able to learn about the gospel. We even invited members of other religions and students without religions to join us at the various parties and events we held. I do everything I can to make it clear that I am LDS and I sometimes even suffer persecution for what I believe, but I know that because of the truths of the gospel I have no need to worry and I can be comforted in my times of need.