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Hi I'm Jon

I am the youngest of 7 and raised in the country on a Dairy Farm. Served a Mission in Milan, Italy, love to take photos and smile.

About Me

I was put to work as a young kid and learned to help everyone on the Family Farm that my Great Grand Pa started when he came from England in 1853. I went on a Mission to Milan, Italy and had a great time with the beauty of the Country and the Members and people I got to share the Gospel with. Came home and went to College after the Mission in the Denver area and also in Lincoln, NE. Good times as a Colorado Native to be in school in Nebraska with a CU T-shirt on. I had 7 years of Customer Service employment and then got Technical Educated and State Certified and started a Career in Law Enforcement. Did wonderful and had a good and safe time. I served 6 years in City Patrol, 2 years as Undercover Drug Detective over the Metro Area and 5 years as a Financial Fraud Detective. I retired after 13 years for personal choice. Now I am able to help everyone that needs help. I enjoy taking wonderful photos of everywhere and put them on my Flicker page. I do a lot of neighborhood help and Ward support and am looking for time with friends to be happy, have fun and find something new to do. I have three teen-age kids living with my former wife of 20 years and see them a lot. We do a lot of fun things together. They love the trips we go on to take photos and camp out. I am looking for someone to get to know and enjoy time together. Taking photos or sitting in the living room chatting and having a good time together, with family or by ourselves

Why I am a Mormon

I was taught at an early age about the Church and went every Sunday to Sacrament, Sunday school and Primary or as I got over the age of 12, to Priesthood. I learned the truth of the Church and felt the Holy Ghost verify that my prayers were answered or the class material was the truth. My parents took the time to share the positive in their lives and help me to see that the negative was a challenge to see if I would follow the teachings I have been given as examples of the actions to take with challenges. As an adult and a young parent, I tried to teach my kids the right things to do. They always asked questions that caused me to think of a good answer and helped me to be certain with my beliefs. I have had some life challenges and a severe health issue that have had a Solution that is only possible because God is showing me his protection and influence in my life. I know that there was a pre-life in Heaven and God showed us all, individually of the challenges He was going to place in front of us and how we can overcome them, by faith and following the teachings that we get weekly at the meetings and daily at home reading the scriptures and having prayer. My parents still give me the good examples of the strength of God's support and the need to follow the teachings for the safety and the Spiritual Strength. My Father in 83 years old and my Mother passed away at 55. Dad has re-married and been on two missions with new, current wife and is such an example of putting the good things ahead of you and seeking out the challenges to learn what your next move is. In my Law Enforcement Career, I had a lot of times that the negative behavior of individuals I dealt with caused me to be upset and see their commitment against my safety. I would often feel the Spirit of the Holy Ghost give me guidance to say or do something that seemed odd at the time, but was able to keep my safety strong. This was often told to me as being Good Luck, but I knew that is was God's Blessings.

How I live my faith

I go to Church every week and do my Visiting Teaching every month. I served a 2 year Mission in Catholic headquarters of Italy and had a wonderful and learning time there. I have had the good time of teaching classes in Priesthood and Sunday school and enjoy hearing how others have had great Spiritual times that keep their faith strong. I do all I can to show my kids the good in life and how to accept the challenges we are given. I learned from my parents, my 5 older brothers and my sister, to try to only focus on the positive and be happy. Help others with all you can and it will come back to you when you need it. I like to help people and spend time getting to know them and all the good in their life. Makes me appreciate what I have been given and all that I have learned to provide service and for all that it does for others. God has blessed me SO MUCH in my life that I know he is watching me and giving me the challenges I get to overcome. I like to share time with others and help them reach a goals they are after. Good always comes back to you when you help others and are able to overlook the challenges and see the goal you are trying to reach.

What do Mormons believe about family?

I am the youngest of 7 Children and was always taught to help take care of others. I grew up in a small town in the South Central part of Southern Colorado on a Dairy Farm. I was taught to work hard and help others any time they needed help. To learn all that I could and share information that I knew and do anything I could do to help others. I learned that if you try to stay positive and look for the good in things, that your attitude will stay better and you will be able to recognize the positive things that occur and know that God, not good luck, made things happen for you and it wasn't just good luck that happened. As I look at the life events that I have been part of, I know that God is looking out for me. I know that I was taught as a Child to try to do the right things and make the most out of the challenges and see the good, not the bad as the strong part of a challenge. It has always helped to get through a tough time with this positive attitude and looking for the blessings God has shared with us if we are able to see it as a good option to make the most of. I always call family and friends to see how they are doing and if they need any help. I enjoy the opportunity to be of assistance when that is needed and when I can do more than I thought about when I got started helping someone or just walking down the sidewalk. There are so many times that God puts something in our way that we have to take action to avoid or be part of it. It’s a chance to follow him. Show more Show less