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Hi I'm Michael Wood

I have lived in the US, Europe and Jamaica. I work as a Psychologist for the US Army. I'm married with two kids. I'm a Mormon.

About Me

I am an officer in the US Army and work as a research psychologist. I'm a proud father of two very active children. I'm the happy husband of a beautiful Albanian wife. I love life. There are so many hobbies and interests that I have trouble communicating everything. I love cycling. traveling by bike holds an essence of freedom that can't be fully described. Once I biked have the state of Georgia, sleeping in the woods and peoples front yards while ending up in the beautiful town of Savannah. I love to do things with my hands. When growing up, my father recognized the need for a bigger home and ripped the roof off our house. We spent 1 year rebuilding a second story. I bought two 80s model Mercedes G Wagons while living in Europe and now work to restore them to ultimate glory. I have a passion for the outdoors. When growing up my family would jump in the family van and travel around the United States. I have been to all 49 continental states. I have a travel bug that can't be satiated. When living in Europe my wife and I traveled through most of the countries of Europe. Our travel slowed significantly following the birth of our first child. I grow my own food as much as possible, we have a small garden in the back yard. We are adamant about herbal remedies. If you know any please send them our way. My retirement dream is to live in the pacific northwest or New Zealand on a farm.

Why I am a Mormon

Why am I a Mormon? That's a good question? You could say I was raised to practice my faith. However, life doesn't allow continual peace, we are always challenged. One of the greatest challenges to my faith was in graduate school. I earned a Ph.D. in behavioral Neuroscience and was constantly challenged by the atheists around me. The theories of man provide explanations for many. They become an answer for the mysteries of life. Despite the cognitive exhilaration that comes from connecting theories with evidence, I noticed a loneliness and sorrow in many of my colleagues and mentors. Science provided justification for their atheism but did not comfort them with a meaning and purpose for life. Thus, when they were challenged by the death of loved ones or significant loss they were left with theoretical explanations that did not satisfy or comfort them nor did it provide meaning or value to their life. Witnessing such a hollowness was very sad. I prayed often to discover for myself the differences of faith and science and was rewarded with a knowledge that God is real. He answers my prayers, and I feel his comfort. He has a purpose for me. He loves me, not because I'm more or less, but simply because I'm his son. I trust the peaceful feelings of my heart and when practicing my faith I am loaded with it. I find comfort in my promises to God. I married late in life, mid-30s. I couldn't decide or commit to anyone until I found my wife. One night, a few weeks after our wedding, I had a terrible dream. I dreamed that my beautiful bride died in a car accident, when I awoke I was still in a fog, I was crying and believed I was going to her funeral. I remember saying to myself, "it took forever to find her and now I have lost her," at that same moment I remembered that I had been married in the Temple, where we were promised to be together for time and all eternity. I felt peace and knew that I could be with my wife forever.

How I live my faith

I support the bishop of our ward, as there is no paid ministry, the load of bishop needs to be shared by counselors. My church calling is one of service, often, supporting the poor or needy. I am humbled when I think of the many who suffer so much. Some of the members of our ward have lost loved ones, struggle as a single parent, face the difficulties of providing for themselves, and many other challenges. Despite the many problems faith in the teachings brings a substantial comfort. There are times when I see faith become a miracle when some recognize that the worlds burdens are too heavy to bear. They are broken by addictions, stress, poor choices, or other circumstances. They give in to the deeper teachings of faith and exercise a belief that Christ is real, an actual being that listens and answers our prayers. Such a communication provides a warm feeling of comfort, security, and peace. Christ truly bears the burdens of his faithful. My faith is the basis for how I live and cope with life. Prayer, scripture study, church attendance, are the basics of faithful practice for my small family. My wife and I read and pray each night with our 1 and 3 year old children. Wow it can be tough, but when they pay attention it is very rewarding. We provide them an example of faith and how to practice it, that they may know the blessings of it when they grow.

What is the Atonement of Jesus Christ? Why was it necessary for Jesus Christ to sacrifice His life?

Michael Wood
The Atonement of Jesus Christ is our connection to God. Because God is pure in thought, word, and deed, we often fail to meet this level of purity and sin. Many think sin is simply breaking an eternal law, however it is also the failure to do what we should, Think of the two great commandments: love the lord thy God with all thy heart and love thy neighbor as thyself. How many times have we been caught up in anger on the freeway or simply failed to show the love. The Atonement is thought of as Jesus' payment for our sin. This is true in its basic nature, i.e., we need Jesus' sacrifice to purify us. However, the Atonement is also the mechanism we need to become more like Christ as we seek to break away from the influence of the world and learn to listen to the still small voice. An eternal law stipulates that one pure and without sin can pay the price of sin for another. This means that Christ can function as a intercessor for us on our day of judgement, when we will answer to God for our thoughts and actions on earth. Christ made this sacrifice because he loves us and wants all to return to our father in heaven. The Atonement is the process by which our father in heaven prepares us to return to him. It is a life long process to change the natural man, or influence of this world within us, to a man that God will accept in his kingdom. We are responsible to follow Christ and make the effort to change our lives in accordance to his commandments. Show more Show less