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Hi I'm Angie

I grew up in Southern New Jersey. I am a Mormon convert going on 6 years. I love the Church and I am glad I converted.

About Me

I am a 57 year old divorced woman. For as long as I can remember I loved the Lord. Through manifestations of the Holy Spirit I tried to live a worthy life. I have had and still have many challenges but through these trials and tribulations the Lord has revealed Himself to me. I see my conversion as the starting of a new life in Christ. I found out that my marriage was over on Facebook back in 2009. Due to infidelity I was divorced and since then I remain single. I have had some health issues and I am legally blind. These tribulations as such have hurt terribly, however it has brought me closer still to God. He loves me and makes good things come from bad things. This is the truth. I wish I could have avoided the trials by fire but God's plans have brought me to this point. Let me encourage the low in spirit and to those of us who mourn. Be of Good Cheer Because Christ Overcame Death. Jesus knew all I was going to face and to have to do so alone. But He is my Constant Companion, the Holy Spirit. He stays with me through every storm. He is faithful to love me and He will not forsake me, He will not turn from me. Through all of my physical and emotional pains He still has yet to abandon me. Feast on the Word, read scriptures because it is spiritual food that strengthens you just when you believe you have nothing else to give. Jesus did die for us all. Those who accept that Jesus died for our sins, (The Atonement), you will live a blessed life daily.

Why I am a Mormon

I believe the following which are doctrinal in the LDS faith, most of which I believed prior to my conversion: 1. I believe that there was a period of time when the gospel left the earth and during this time there was no faith who embodied the gospel. This is called the apostasy 2. I believe in a premortal existence, life before birth. 3. I believe in a spiritual prison where people go when they had not accepted the Atonement before dying. I believe that the Lake of Fire was not a place where God intended for man to go. And because of this God will allow the dead to be taught by heavenly sent agents to teach the Atonement. If then it is accepted then they will not lose everlasting life. 4. I believe in modern day prophets, always have, and I sustain Thomas S. Monson as our current Prophet. I also believe that several prophecies have already been fulfilled and that we are living in the end times. 5. I believe that Joseph S. Smith established under the direct instruction of God this New Church to restore the Gospel upon the earth since the Gospel had left the earth for centuries. I used to live for myself with an ill temperment and selfish even though I loved God. But I had cut Him out over and over and kept apologizing over and over only to go back to the same old ways. My life was in ruins, broken and my spirit in great pain. Destruction finally came upon me because the love of God was so great that on top of the Atonement He has called me for instruction through adversity. What I just described happens to the masses everyday. But God tells us is to not think it strange that we are enduring through adversity because it is a form of character building spiritually. I lost my baby girl a long time ago and it was then that I started having a dialog with God, first very mad and hurt but just like now I grew closer to Him and that is a good thing. It keeps us from danger and evil. I have yet to regret getting closer to my sweet Lord. The LDS has helped my life.

How I live my faith

I live by three precepts. First I live by faith. I believe not only that there is a God but that He has a Son called Jesus Christ. I pray daily due to my faith in Him and trust that He hears me and will answer all of my prayers even if an answer is "no". I also am learning to live in obedience. This can be hard because as a believer it is easy to sin. To live spiritually is so much harder than living according to my own wants. I have learned that because I am a child of God I need to keep myself clean on the inside and out. We are told to make our bodies a living sacrifice, holy, pleasing unto God. But the most important way I live out my faith is through LOVE. Love for God, love for my family and love for my neighbors. Love to all you come across. I have been a teacher and a Ward Employment Specialist in two Wards. I taught in the women's group called the "Relief Society" in my Palm Harbor Ward and in the Hollywood Ward, the church where I converted. I used to think that Mormonism was a cult prior to conversion. It is NOT. It would be a pretty bad cult if it were. Rather being a Latter-Day Saint (LDS) we are called to a higher, spiritual lifestyle. Families are central in this faith. So why is a 57 year old single female in this church if families are so important? Good question. LDSs go to do Temple work and genealogy work are duties for everyone who becomes a Mormon. We do this because we recognize that our dead family may not have had the chance or ability to understand the Restored Gospel. So we do Temple work so that in the Spirit World we can have teachers sent to our deceased family to help them understand the Atonement so they do not have to remain in the spiritual prison. So though I am single, I have work to do on behalf of my family. In my case I was blessed enough to be found by a cousin who is also a LDS. We never dreamed we would find another family member in the church but now my cousin Larry and I are joyful that we found each other.

Why do some call Mormonism a cult?

Many people due to lack of facts or fear of the unknown sometimes come to faulty conclusions. I can only urge each person to read scripture and respond to the prompts given to you by the manifestations of the Holy Spirit. Pray, seek, knock, ask the Lord for your personal revelation. Through this process you will see the truth of this faith and see we accept the Atonement as the only means of everlasting life. There is only one God and Jesus Christ is His Son. Our Church embraces these truths. Follow your spiritual guidance and your heart. Don't let others dissuade you on your spiritual journey. A personal spiritual journey is just that, therefore be guided by the Spirit. Show more Show less