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Hi I'm Rick

I was born and raised in the Blackfoot, Idaho area. I'm part-owner of an asphalt maintenance business. I'm a Mormon.

About Me

I'm the youngest of 10 children. I love the outdoors. I enjoy fishing, hiking, bicycling, and just going on drives through nature. Life under water fascinates me. My wife and I began snorkeling after we were first married, and I so much loved what I saw that I became a certified diver. I have been diving off and on for about the past 25 years. My wife and I love to travel when we can. We have been blessed to meet people in many countries around the world. Seeing and experiencing customs and behaviors of differing peoples of the world is exhilarating to me...I especially love trying their foods. My family members are my best friends in life! My wife and I were blessed to have 2 children biologically, then we adopted 3 siblings...2 twin girls and their younger brother. Our twins were 5 yrs old and our son 4 when we adopted them. They now are 24 and 23. Three of our 5 children and now married, and we have 4 grandchildren from them and one on the way. Of all of the joys that earth life has to offer, the joy I have with and because of my family is the greatest. When I was 21 years old I began an asphalt maintenance company with good counsel and advise from my older brother. Three years later that brother and a brother-in-law became my partners in that company.

Why I am a Mormon

My mother's parents were baptized into the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints in their early years of life. My mother was raised in the Church in the mid-west United States, and always had a strong testimony, or firm conviction of the thruthfulness of the teachings of the Church. She helped my father understand the gospel. He was baptized a member of the Church after they had been married for many years. He was the only member of his family. I feel I have always known that God is my Father and that Jesus Christ is His Son and my Savior. I feel that I knew and understood that long before I was born. My Spirit came into this world with that understanding. I have reasoned that Amos was correct as he said in the Old Testament, "God will do nothing save he revealeth his secrets to his servants, the prophets". God must have prophets on earth with whom He communicates his truths and His will for His children. This has always been His pattern. It is reasonable to me, then, that after the Savior was crucified, and after centuries of darkness becausse His truths were rejected and His apostles hunted and murdered, that God would again call a prophet and in mercy restore again truth to the earth in its purity and beauty. All of this makes sense to me. But I do not remain a member of the Church because it all makes sense to me. I remain a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints because God has whispered to me in feelings that come from the Holy Ghost, His Spirit, that He did indeed call Joseph Smith to be a prophet, as were Adam, Abraham, Moses, Peter, James and John and many others. Jesus Christ did indeed bring back, or restore, His Church and His priesthood, which is His authority to perform saving ordinances and manage the affairs of His kingdom on the earth. It is because of the undeniable whispering of His Spirit to mine that I remain and strive to serve. The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints is His kingdom on earth.

How I live my faith

I have been blessed to be a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints all of my life. When I was 19 years old I left for Monterrey, Mexico to serve a mission for my Church for 2 years. I love the Mexican people! They are so humble and loving. They would often tell me, "You have a home here" (meaning their house), and they were sincere. I have had the great priviledge of holding several callings, or opportunities to serve, in the Church through my life. Shortly after my wife and I were married we served as local missionaries to visit and teach of Jesus Christ to our neighbors. I have worked with the single adults, young and older, helping them know of their self-worth and helping them keep their feet on right path in life. I have been a leader of the young men in my ward (local geographical unit). I have loved learning from our talented youth and watching them grow and learn who they are and what they can become. I have served in bishoprics and a stake presidency, which are the forms of local leadership in the Church. What a blessing it has been for me to visit one-on-one with my friends and neighbors and try to help them through the challenges that come to all as we walk the path of life. I currently serve as a ward missionary, visiting individuals and families that live near me and pointing them to Christ. I love teaching others that Jeaus Christ is the Only Way to find true peace and contentment in life. Learning of Him and striving our best to follow His teachings is the only way we can find true happiness. My wife and I have also served on a number of local committees to organize community gatherings and events. We have enjoyed rubbing shoulders with our friends and neighbors, striving to bring us all together and make this world a better place to live.