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Hi I'm Cheng You, Chung

I'm a Mormon who comes from New Taipei, Taiwan. I'm baptized at 8, and I really love the wonderful gospel.

About Me

Being a missionary, I used to be a junior college student in Taiwan. Owing to so many incredible miracles happening in my life and my testimonies to Heavenly Father and his beloved son, Jesus Christ, I suspend it and go preaching as a missionary. I love sporting, especially badminton. Practicing hard, I have participated in lots of college games for my school. As a school team member, it makes me feel honer and sense of accomplishment. Beside dynamic activities, I like to ready and play Chinese traditional chess as my hobbies when I have free time. I dream to be a military officer in the future, but I got a chance to experience it early because of the obligation in my country. Every men over 18 have to fulfill it that they are available stay abroad long. I am called to serve in foreign nation, so I carried it out. It 's pretty fun and lucky that I lot to be a marine corp which is really a challenge for me, but I did it which also built me up to face any challenge during my mission.

Why I am a Mormon

It a miracle to be a Mormon. Due to the collapse of my father's company, my family have had a severe economic problem since I was little. One of my Mom's friend introduce her to participate sacrament meeting and it really becomes the first step to my convert. To be honest, I was forced to partake every Sunday meeting by my Mom and so is she because the church donated lots of food and mental help to her and my family. By the way, my parents divorced and my Dad has gone since them. It's imaged that I have no testimony when young, but it was change through the youth conferences and gospel seminary school for 8 semester. I was lucky to partake in the 2011 youth conference when is the 55 anniversary mission in Taiwan. Since then, I decided to participate every youth conference if I was available, and I made a promise that I would start to go to seminary school. Beginning to read scriptures and refine my spirituality, I little by little know Heavenly father and His beloved son Jesus Christ, and be a real Mormon. The biggest promise I have made in youth conference is to preach for the Lord, in another word, to be missionary. That's really a big promise for me because it makes me walk the completely different way to others. Though there were lots of difficulties during my preparation, I testify that Heavenly father really loves me. He answers every question if I devoutly ask; He guide and teach me if I humbly pray; He gives me everything and bless if I need. It seems impossible that a missionary will come from such a poor weak family, but now through His wonderful grace, we're strong and I am going to preach. I know that's what a Mormon oblige to do and God will help you to fulfill if you determine to do. I am glad that I am a Mormon.

How I live my faith

Before preaching as a missionary, I was called to be a gospel principle Sunday School teacher and ward missionary. The former is to preach fundamental gospel principle to those who are baptized less than 3 years and every investigator who are interested in gospel. Through this calling, I have a big chance to contact and communicate with new members. It makes me learn a lot. First, I love to pursue knowledge to gospel which brings me to God closer, but only original touching can bring me pure testimony which is the most important for a disciple even a missionary to live in faith. Jesus commanded his disciples to suffer the children to come to him and forbid them not of such is the kingdom of heaven. How pure those new member's testimonies are! They are just like children the Lord mean. I learned and consolidate my faith through this calling. When it comes to the later, it 's easy to be connected to missionary. I have to appreciate my bishop because of such a good chance to practice to be a good missionary. Assisting the missionaries in their works in our word is the obligation of this call. It made me adjust the missionary life and the most important of all is that it created a big miracle during my military days. I not only endure myself to be a later-day saint, but gave three Book of Mormon to brothers in troop and introduce missionaries to them. The two calls and frequently pray, fast, and read scriptures are how I live my faith.

What are Mormon temples used for?

Cheng You, Chung
From the days of the Old Testament, the Lord has commanded His people to build temples-sacred structures where He could teach, guide, and bless them (Exodus 26-27; 40:35). When Jesus Christ was on the earth, the only existing temple was known as the Temple of Herod. Jesus was often found in this temple (Luke 2:40-49; Matthew 21:10-14). After the rejection and deaths of Jesus's Apostles, there were no temples on the earth for many centuries. When the gospel of Jesus Christ was restored in the early 1800s, the Lord again commanded His people to build temples (D&C 88:119; also section 95) Temples are the most sacred place on earth-a place where earth and heaven meet and where we feel close to our Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ. In the temple, we convert our hearts to our ancestors (Malachi 4:6) by doing sacred ordinances to help them to make covenants with Lord. In the temple, we can also learn and feel more knowledge and grace from high through endowment ordinance. Those are why the Lord command us to build temples and worship in there. Show more Show less