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Hi I'm Hayden

I'm currently a missionary. I love all games and strategic thinking, as well as the rhythm of the drums. I'm a Mormon.

About Me

I grew up in Utah playing soccer, running around all the time, and entering a spectrum school program. I became the master of Mario Kart and loved any game--tabletop or electronic. It was a laid back, simpler time. Upon completing the 5th grade my family moved to Western New York. Reality set in. Not everyone was a Mormon and not everyone liked Mormons. It was hard to adjust to, but I have loved it. The result has been a very strong unity and closeness to my friends in the church, and the adventures of teaching our classmates about our faith have been powerful. I'm a particularly quiet person, I play the drums, and I love complex sciences, ideas, strategy games, etc. In NY it has been awesome to tell people about things we really believe, like the Book of Mormon cohering with the Bible; when these people turn to my friends and I, look us in the eyes, smile, and say "that actually makes sense," it is a great testimony builder and a part of my testimony that just because a place doesn't have a ton of Mormons doesn't mean the church is weak there. We are strong. Now I'm preparing to serve a mission. My goal is to recreate and extend upon the experiences I've had here with showing real people the truth. The Book of Mormon seems very foreign to people of other religions, but I know and I've seen that if I explain it, and approach these people as friends, it's a Book that might just change their lives. That's what I'm setting out to do.

Why I am a Mormon

I am a Mormon because the greatest happiness I have felt is within this church. The happiness attained is of a different level compared to the other joys of this world. The knowledge of Jesus Christ as our atoning Savior is a precious gift. The fact that he and the Father know us each individually, love us, and have a plan for us, is a great inspiration to live in this mysterious world, and the knowledge of their love for us is something undeniable that everyone ought to be able to experience. That's why I'm a Mormon.

How I live my faith

I have lived my faith by acting upon my church callings, but also by being a kind, honest, and inviting friend. Through my church callings, living my faith usually consisted of me going hometeaching--visiting other families in the church ward and checking in on how they are doing; looking to see if they need help with anything and being their friend. We also would share a spiritual message with each visit. However my example to my friends in school is the experience I'm most proud of. Living in an area with few Mormon members proves challenging in high school, especially when there is no lack of peers and students with lower standards than a typical Mormon. I constantly ended up in normal environments like running practices, but was always surrounded by individuals asking me why I refused to swear, never wanted to drink alcohol when I was older, and why I didn't engage in several of there conversations rooted in inappropriate topics. I humbly shared my beliefs and went my way. Overtime, my uplifting influence and the example of a more peaceable and kind person affected my friends. They saw how I was able to pull the team together through our differences, forgive others wrong-doings, and unite us in a common goal to win our cross-country season. I was no longer grilled for why I separated myself from the negative influences and environments that are inevitable in a high school experience. Instead, I was informed that I was respected. This was a process that began four years ago, when my high school experience began. It took me the entire four years to show and make that difference for my friends and team. But the long journey was worthwhile. Before leaving for my mission I gave out 7 Book of Mormons to these friends, feeling that though they wouldn't accept it when I first met them, some might now. I dropped them off on door steps with a letter and my testimony. I have only heard from one of the seven. He said he would read it. That's how I live my faith.