What Is a Church Community?

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Hi I'm Archer

I'm crazy, spend most of my time in my own little world, and I'm a Mormon.

About Me

I am a 14 year old kid, and my favorite thing to do is to imagine stuff. Along with that I like riding my bike and I really like video games. I also love writing, even though I don't do it all that often. And I love robots. Just like most teenage boys, I LOVE lots and lots of food. As in A LOT of food.

Why I am a Mormon

The reason I continue to follow His Gospel is because it gives me hope, and it gives me peace and happiness. I've felt what it's like to not be worthy, what it's like to not have His light in my life. And it's not a good feeling. His way is harder, sure, but it is so worth it. I know that no matter where we are, no matter what we've done, Heavenly Father still loves us equally and perfectly, and that there is a way back. It may be a long and hard road back, but it is there. All we have to do is repent. He does the really hard stuff for us. But we can be clean again.

How I live my faith

I've started to say these simple little prayers throughout the day, which helps me appreciate Heavenly Father's awesomeness in my life. I've gotten a lot closer to him, or at least closer than before. But one thing I've learned is that life isn't about where you are, but in what direction you're going. Another thing I've done is read my scriptures. It helps with temptations and stuff like that. And I've prayed to understand what I read. I like to pray that whatever I read will be something good, and then I flip to a random page. Prayer is the basis of the Church. It all started with a prayer. It may seem like a simple answer, but prayer really is great.

What is a “testimony” that Mormons speak of?

A testimony is why/how somebody believes in the Gospel. It sounds simple, but it really isn't. A testimony isn't just something you have, it's something you have to work on constantly. It's kind of like a plant. It starts out as a little seed and slowly as it gets the nutrients and the water it grows. At first, it's small and tiny. But with time and lots of work, it grows into an enormous, powerful tree. The nutrients a testimony grows on aren't as easy as watering and fertilizer though. It takes tons of prayer and scripture study. But in the end, it's really great and protects us. Your personal testimony can even help others grow theirs. But even a huge tree can die if you don't take care of it. Sometimes, we don't always have our own testimony and we have to rely on others. They give us the start we need before our own. So don't worry if you don't believe right off the bat. Just pray for help, believing that you will receive it, and Heavenly Father will always help. It's not always how you expect it though. Show more Show less

Who was Joseph Smith?

Joseph Smith Jr was a 14 year old boy with a question. Which church was true? Some churches said this, and some said that. Joseph Smith had no idea what to do. So he went and prayed in the woods. Joseph saw God the Eternal Father and His son, Jesus Christ. They told Jospeh that none of the other churches were true, and that he couldn't join any of them. Later on, Joseph was visited by the angel Moroni who told him about some golden plates that had the history of the ancient inhabitants of North America. After a couple years, Joseph retrieved the plates and translated them into what we now know as the Book of Mormon. Jospeh Smith was the first prophet of the the restored Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints. Show more Show less