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Hi I'm Tim

I love playing the piano. I know Sign Language, love reading, and of-course enjoy eating and sleeping. I'm a Mormon.

About Me

I was born into a Mormon family and am soon to be a missionary in the France Lyon mission. Probably my favourite thing to do is to play the piano. I started teaching myself at about 11 and play almost everyday. If I could have things my way I might just take a full grand piano everywhere with me! One awesome opportunity I had a couple years ago was to learn BSL (British Sign Language - sadly no it isn't an international language like everyone thinks!) because a member in our ward who would interpret for an investigator was pregnant. She offered to teach classes to learn BSL and so, because this was always something I wanted to do, I started learning sign language and crazily 6 months later her 9 months was up and so three of us who had been learning began interpreting which was definitely an interesting experiences when none of us really knew sign language... Now we still interpret every week and he is a member and it is awesome! I attempted learning the flute for the space of 2 weeks and haven't really touched it since... same thing happened with the violin! But I just love musical instruments and hope to learn them properly however the piano will always be number one to me.

Why I am a Mormon

I was raised in a family of Mormons, with five brothers and no sisters. I have seen three of my older brothers go out and serve their missions for two years in different areas across the world and my parents have always taught me in the ways of the Gospel. I think being a Mormon is something I have always taken for granted and not something I ever really knew to be true for myself. I knew it was good and I knew that my parents and family believed it and knew it to be true but I didn't know for myself really. As Mormon's we talk a lot about "feeling" that it is true (by the Holy Spirit) and I know that this is important. So approaching 18 (the age in which we can serve a mission) and getting closer to finishing school I started to actually think about this so that I could know if I should server a mission and to be prepared for it. My testimony is still not perfect. People talk about unshakable testimonies with not a shadow of doubt and this isn't how it is for me although it may be so for them. I have doubts and questions and (wish there was a good word for this) things holding me back a little from having as strong a testimony as I could. I have been wanting to know how I can know that these things are true and then I actually did the things I was taught to do from a child which is to read the Book of Mormon and pray. Doing these things definitely made a difference in my life. I think I sort of expected a great manifestation or strong feeling that would be impossible to deny as we may hear others say, none of which came. But what I did notice and still notice is that as I do those things I do feel different. I feel my mind click into place more and more. Then sometimes I will make mistakes that will set that back and undo it but it is discernible - I can see the difference between both and I can see the goodness and the affect it has on my life and this has helped me to know that it is true and good even through any doubts that cross my way.

How I live my faith

At church I have "callings" which I try my best to fulfill. One is to play piano for priesthood meetings and the other is "YSA rep". So basically I try to help in the YSA (young single adults) organisation by attending meetings and organising activities. YSA is basically an organisation in which 18-30 yr olds who aren't married have lessons and activities organised so as to learn and make friends and have fun! YSA is great!. Also, I interpret weekly for our Deaf member Karl (or at least try) along with my brother and another member who started learning sign language at the same time. I've recently finished school and so will be serving a mission which means going out and teaching and serving people across the world. I have been called to serve in the France Lyon mission which covers the all of the south of France, some of Switzerland and Corsica which is exciting. I will be doing this because I want to share with other people what I believe and also I want to help others in any way that I can including teaching about my beliefs and the Mormon church.