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Hi I'm Taylor

I am a rock climber. I enjoy highlining. I'm a Mormon.

About Me

I am interested in self-improvement through health and exercise. Some of my favorite hobbies include rock climbing, slack lining, and calisthenics. I enjoy these activities and developing friendships with others who share these interests. The biggest motivator for me is seeing how all of the practice leads to improvement in my strength, balance, technique, and especially how I feel physically, mentally, and even spiritually. While I have lived the majority of my life in Utah, I have had many experiences traveling throughout the United States, Canada, Brazil, Portugal and Spain. I realize that I have been blessed with a family and an education that has taught me many things. Everywhere I have gone, I have learned new things and gained a broader perspective. I recently received my pharmacy technician license and I am considering a career as a pharmacist. I am also interested in exercise science and physical therapy.

Why I am a Mormon

Through my high school years, people mistook me for being shy, but I just thought that no one truly cared. I suffered from depression and thoughts of suicide. There are a lot of misconceptions about depression. Some people think that it’s just chronic sadness and maybe that’s true to some extent, but it can also get so bad, to the point that you don’t feel anything anymore, not even sadness. The best word that I can use to describe what I felt is “hollow.” I couldn’t even feel the Spirit. I hope none of you ever have to feel that, even though I know some of you already do. I kept praying even when I felt no one was listening. I kept reading my scriptures when they were just a bunch of words. I used to hate going to church because I felt I didn’t fit in, but that is because I was going to church for the wrong reasons. I was initially just going for the social aspect, instead of going to strengthen my testimony of the Savior. I often felt alone and forgotten. I love the painting by Frans Schwartz, “Agony in the Garden.” I think the Savior knows what I was feeling. While I have not endured what He did, I feel I have been supported by angels. The one thing that really put things back into perspective was the Spirit, the Holy Ghost. The Holy Ghost put a spark back into my heart. It gave me hope that I was unable to find for so long. I came to realize that one person is not better or worse than another. We are all incomparable. We are all different. Each of us is a child of Heavenly Father, with different bodies, skills, interests and talents. We shouldn’t be defined by a group of people, but known and cared for individually. If Heavenly Father expected us to all be the same, he would have created us that way, but he didn’t. I realized that the only thing you can control and change is yourself, and that Heavenly Father is the best one to guide change. I am a Mormon because I believe in Jesus Christ, and I believe Heavenly Father has a plan for me.

How I live my faith

I enjoy watching America Ninja Warrior, a television show, which highlights individuals that achieve amazing physical feats throughout an obstacle course. One of the challenging obstacles in the show is called a salmon ladder; a structure where an individual does explosive pull-ups to move a bar up multiple rungs. With the help of my dad, we designed and built a salmon ladder in our back yard. While at first I could only do pull-ups, I kept training and soon was able to go up the entire 14’ ladder. Now I can go faster up the ladder and even skip rungs. It is very rewarding to me to set goals, see myself improve, and ultimately achieve my goals. Through all of these experiences and my training, I know that practice makes perfect. I am learning that I can get better and better at anything when I dedicate the time, and make the sacrifices required to become great at something. I know that this applies to my education, my church service, employment opportunities, and relationships with family and friends. I am learning that I can improve in some way each and every day. The goal is to progress. I live my faith by always trying to be better and live better. My testimony in Jesus Christ gives me faith and hope that all of my efforts and struggle through things today will help me get stronger, not only in life, but I believe that everything I am going through now is also preparing me for life after death. Heavenly Father has a plan for each of us. A unique plan, that takes into account our own strengths and abilities.