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Hi I'm Aubrey

I grew up in various places in Utah. Trying new things is what I like to do. I'm a Mormon.

About Me

Moving around can be hard. trying to fit in, wanting to make friends, the fear of liking the new place are all common thoughts that run through our minds. I may have not realized it then but now, I see that each place presented many wonderful opportunities to grow and delevop talents. As a child I loved sports like soccer, softball, and basketball. I loved trying new things. In my early teens my family moved and my intrests began to shift. I found out that I loved to sing. I began musicals. My sophmore year my brother convinced me to join the Swim team. It was different and exciting, and alot of hard work. The next year I decided that I really missed performing so I focused on the musical and I even got a lead (very small) part. I found so much Joy in it. My senior year I went to Cosmotelogy School and had only a few classes at the high school. I loved doing hair. it was exciting to be getting my career on its way. During my Senior year our family moved again and I choose to go as well. I decide to finish Cosmotelogy School after graduating that way I could get involved in the new school. I went back to Cosmetogly school but it is once again on hold for a year and half. Each place I lived I contiued to try new things. I love doing new things but it was hard and scary and still is. But, I was always glad I did whether I like it our not. I enjoy seeing the my talents and gifts Gods given me grow.It is empowering and amazing.

Why I am a Mormon

I was born into the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints and I have a conversion story. I was 13 and I was going through some hard times. My mom told me that I would find peace if I started to read the book of Mormon. I started to read it and slowy my negative attitude was changing. It became a habit to read every single night. A year later My family and I particapated In the Navuoo Pageant. I knew then that Joseph was a true prophet called from God. I knew that he translated the book of Mormon and that it is the word of God. I then was old enough to take seminary and I love it. I love reading the scriptures. they are an anchor to lifes winds and storms. There was a time when my family was struggling finically. My Dad was out of a Job and fasting and praying became our life savor. We would pray for a job opening anywhere. we would fast that we could make ends meet. things didnt change qiuck by My faith in the Lord grew emensly in these trying years. I saw that the power of paying tithing even when we had so little, windows would open. God sends us angels in our time of need. I learned that through this exprience. Later in life I was struggling and my Bishop advised me to turn unto my Savior's Atonement. Never before have I felt the power of the atonement so real in my life. repentence of any wrong doing will bring joy because of the Atonement. The Atonement is the greatest gift ever given. during this same time I started to listen to talks given by our Prophet and Apostles. I know they are called of God to Lead us. My conversion is a life time of events but have helped me know the Church of Jesus Christ is true. I continue to be converted as new things arise in my life both good or bad because I know that with the Lords will always be with me. I know by doing the simple things (praying and reading scriptures) I will be guided and have strength neccessary for this life. I will have joy if I have faith in the will of the Father and follow the Saviors example.

How I live my faith

Living my faith is a daily thing as I try to read to my scriptures and pray. I've particapated in Church Classes provided at my schools that taught about the old and New Testament, The Book of Mormon, D&C and Pearl of Great Price. These classes helped with any stresses or worries about math (or any hard class) and replaced those feelings with happiness and confidence that the Lord would help me through it. As a youth I particapated in the young womens program. I was a concilor multiple times. As I would pray and think of the girls in the program I would be inspire to take a girl to lunch or write them a note. I can honestly say that I loved Young Womens, it is an amazing program. I knew that I could go to church or an activity and always feel accepted by them and I always tried to make sure the girls felt accepted by me. We were a family of sisters who served, loved, and supported one another. One of my favorite ways I have lived my faith is through music. I have particapate in ward choirs, Insutite choir, and a few of the Church pageants. The spirit brings an overwhelming peace and love to my heart as I sing praises unto the Lord. I am currently teaching teaching little Children about the Gospel. It amazes me how much they already know. Children are so close to the spirit and make the Gospel so simple. I feel like they are teaching me more then I am teaching them sometimes.They are a great remind to me of how we must become as little Children such as Loving everyone, helping each other out, and always knowing that Heavenly Father loves them. It is a joy to watch them grow and see them understand the scriptures (especially since some scriptures have complex words tor read and the meaning isnt always clear at first). They bring a pure spirit into the room as we discuss gospel doctorine. I am grateful for the little time I have had to be with them.

What do Mormons believe about family?

I love my Family... of course we don't always get along but there is no body I trust and love more then my family. I believe that family is supporting each other through the good and bad. It looking around and seeing what needs done and who needs a little laugh. We cherish the happy, sad, hard, rewarding challenges because those are what has built our Family Unity. Unity not as perfect but has brought us together to rely on each other. Family is where I have found my best Friends. I have two adopted siblings. I can't imagine life without them. I look at our family picture and we would have a huge, sorrowful gap without my little siblings. I know that families are forever, through all eternity. Because my family has been sealed in the Temple of the Lord we will have that wonderful blessing of forever together. We have a Heavenly Father who loves us and so he sent us to be in Families so we can learn how a heavenly home and family runs. He gave us families so that we can return to him and be part of his eternal family. That is why being sealed is so important. We arent just families in this life but for the life to come. Our Father in Heaven gives us a family because he loves us. He wants us to be happy here on earth. He gave us best friends that can be found in the home. I am so grateful that our Father In Heaven loves us that much to give me a family for all time and eternity! Show more Show less