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Hi I'm Joseph

I grew up in Utah. I work, and enjoyed high school. I love truth and knowledge. I'm a Mormon.

About Me

I am an optimist. I believe that eventually, good will triumph over evil, and that happiness can overcome indifference and unhappiness. I enjoy playing the piano, being in choir, and writing music. I like sports, especially volleyball, tennis, and soccer. I like snowmobiling, and going on vacations with my family. I enjoy most watersports. I love school, and anything education related. I have 5 younger siblings; I am the oldest child in my family. It is hard being the guinea pig, but I am grateful for the pressure being the oldest has on my personality. I always know people are watching me. I dislike talking about politics because I find it extremely difficult to find the truth. Someday I plan to learn how to find it. I don't have many friends, but I have what someone needs: a few good friends. It took a long time to find them, I had to go through a lot of not-so-great people first. I never had a girlfriend or kissed a girl in high school. I went to all the school dances; part for the social experience, part because some girls base their happiness on what dances they go to, and part because women often help men be better simply by their influence. I want to change the world for the better. I want everyone to be happy.

Why I am a Mormon

I was born into the LDS church, but that certainly is not the reason why I am a Mormon. I am a Mormon because I believe in the acquisition of truth, something a man can only know with a certainty through experience. The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints is place where I can find the fulness of doctrine and truth regarding everything, including happiness. It provides a way to find personal answers to the questions about the meaning of life, where we came from, why we are here, and where we are going after. I know the answers to all of these questions simply because I took the leaps of faith encouraged by the church. It was not forced upon me; I came to this astounding knowledge through trial and error. lt took time and much effort. It was worth every second, and still is, and always will be. I had to believe, and act on that belief in a way that would tell me if this church was the place where I should go for the source of truth. I had to believe that the answers I received were answers, that the feelings I felt came from I divine origin. I had to act on those answers. I acted. I had to wait. I waited. Now I know. I know that The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints is Christ's church on the Earth. I know God exists, that He is my spiritual father, and that He sent His son Jesus Christ to die for me. I know the church is good. I know that by following the principles and doctrines established in the church, one can become happier. I know I am a much happier and better person because of the doctrines taught in the church. I know that The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints is lead by a Chosen prophet of God, and that the First Presidency and the Twelve Apostles will never lead the world astray, because God will not let them. I know that this church was restored by one chosen by God. I know that The Book of Mormon and The Bible are both Holy scripture, containing truth needed to help happily make it through every day. I'm a Mormon, happily.

How I live my faith

I always go to church. Usually there are three blocks, totalling to about three hours. I enjoy every second of it. I have said prayers over the bread and water offered in the sacrament meeting, helped pass the bread and water to the congregation, and helped prepare it at different times. I always try to partake of the bread and water when I go to church. In the classes during the second and third hours, I try to always participate, asking questions and trying to answer them. I always am true and honest about my feelings during those times. I participate in the church choir, and sing in sacrament meeting occasionally. I often get to play the piano in the third hour to accompany the men as they sing, and assign others to play the piano, lead, and do other things to help move the third hour along. I and an adult friend of mine teach a family every month select topics about the gospel. We try to prepare the lessons carefully, and do our best to help care for the needs and well being of the family. I get to share my talents a lot in church. When the youth group does activities, I will go, when time will allow, and participate. I participated in the Boy Scouts, and received my Eagle Scout Award for the completion of my project and various requirements. I enjoyed learning how to lead other youth and adults to a common goal.

Do Mormons practice polygamy?

No. Although God has commanded it at certain times, it is only mentioned one time that I recall in the Book of Mormon, and that is when the prophet was telling the people to not do polygamy, and how bad it is that they were doing it. Show more Show less