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Hi I'm Seth Parker Jackson

Born and raised in South Texas. I'm an eagle scout. I'm a spearfisherman. I'm a Mormon.

About Me

Wrapped in a choke hold is how I start my mornings. Brazillian Jiu Jitsu clearly did not originate in Texas-where I'm from. Locally, what's more common is all the fishing and hunting done here in Texas. I am very proud of where I live. It has a high majority of hispanic culture in which I have always been able to develop my spanish and eat delicious tacos! Not only are the people great, there is plenty to do. Every year without a doubt my family will hunt anywhere from ducks in a bay to deer in a blind. Sometimes we can even make it to Utah to hunt with our extended family members. More often, my family can be found outside fishing up a storm. We compete in tournaments locally sometimes or just try to spend quality time with the family out on the water. My favorite fishing activity is when we take a trip off the coast of Texas about 16 miles where I get to go freediving and spearfishing with my brother while the rest of my family fish for red snapper and giant amberjacks on the boat. In my family, we are eachothers' best friends. We stick close and love one another. When I graduated high school, graduated seminary, and became an eagle scout, all around the same time, my whole family was right by to support and congratulate me. Similarly, I aspire to become a neurosurgeon. My family is supportive and I am excited to learn all I can to able to perform operations to the best of my abilities. The long education doesn't faze me because I have a knack for learning and working hard.

Why I am a Mormon

I started off without a face- blended in with the crowd and going with the flow. I have grown up going to church my whole life. Although I was raised attending one specific church, I experienced others through school and friendships. I attended an elementary school based around the Episcopalian religion and a middle school based around Catholicism. I have a lot of respect for these religions (as well as all others) and I learned a lot in my bible study classes which I can apply to teaching what I know about Jesus Christ. Growing up and experiencing all these beliefs led me to a point where I had to make a decision on which church was most aligned with what I believe to be correct. Now, I always pay attention to any religion being taught, but my faith in the LDS Church had always been increasing the greatest, exponentially even, as I diligently read the scriptures, prayed, and went to church. It did not take me long to believe that the Mormon faith is true, that the moral statutes which it teaches its members to uphold are of the utmost chivalry, and that the feelings which I received at church, in prayer, or through diligently searching the scriptures were divinely sent. BUT, I had to be sure. In studying and cross-referencing the scriptures, I followed my understanding of this situation: Joseph Smith was reading in the bible, trying to decide which of the many churches around him were true, and he came across the verse James 1:5, which reads " If any of you lack wisdom, let him ask of God, that giveth to all men liberally, and upbraideth not; and it shall be given him." Seeing that Joseph Smith prayed with real intent to know which church was true, and got his answer, I could do the exact same thing. Although I was not permitted to see God and Jesus Christ like Joseph Smith was, I did get my answer when I prayed about the Church, its prophet, and if Jesus Christ is truly leading it. It was the warmest feeling and mental serenity, and I KNOW this faith is true.

How I live my faith

I live my faith by trying to reach out to everyone and show the love that everyone deserves. A lot of times, having a friend can make a real difference in someone's life. I believe this can have a butterfly affect and perhaps even change the world if not their own life! I have been a leader in a youth group at church for the past few years. This group is lots of fun as we play games, strengthen our friendships, and learn more of Our Savior. I play an important role at church as I help teach others and assist church leaders in aiding the church members. I also go to the comfort of members' homes with a companion to teach them about how they can come closer to Christ, and to check up on them to see if they need my help with anything. This is actually something that all church members receive. It can be a really supportive and meaningful experience to many people. Recently, I graduated a 4 year seminary course that helped me to come to know Christ much better. I will soon put this acquired understanding to good use by leaving the familiarity of my home country (like many men my age), and leaving to serve a mission for the Church. I hope to spread the knowledge I have on my mission, and everywhere else in life, so that the people I teach can have the same opportunity to come to know Christ and experience the utter joy that I have. I am nearing the point which I will leave. I have been called to a Pacific islander nation. I have put my trust in my Lord Jesus Christ to help me along the way with the gift of tongues as I work hard to learn the language of the region and the culture found there. I am nervous and concerned, but my determination to spread the love of Christ encompasses and envelops those fears.