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Hi I'm Jenny

I was born in the Philippines and grew up just with aunts, uncles, cousins and moved to Canada in 2013 with mom. I am a Mormon! :)

About Me

My friends would say I am always happy and crazy. That I smile to everyone and that I love to tell jokes and make people smile.Right because it makes me happy seeing people smile and hear their laugh. Wrong, because I am not always happy. There are times when I cry myself to sleep. I actually think I am weak. They would say they can always run to me and tell me whatever problems they have. Most of my classmates in 11th and 12th grade would say I am a genius in Math. Well, I do love Math. I liked being challenged and learn cool stuff but I am not a genius. I just give my best in everything that I do because I always think that it my last shot. My last chance to prove myself to everyone. Also, for sure all of them would say I love food. And that is true! I love food. I always wanted to be a chef because food is amazing! Since I like food, I love to eat, cook and bake. I actually don't have a favorite food because all of them are my favorite. Except berries. Blueberries, raspberries, blackberries and strawberries. Sorry but I hate them but I can bake chocolate crinkles pretty well! I like photography. I like taking pictures of nature and faces of people. To me, it is a way of preserving the moment. You have the chance to go back and cherish the memories you had. It is like time machine. I also like editing videos and music. I wanted to be a part of a movie production. And aside Math, I love chemistry too! That's pretty much it about me, I think. I'm out of characters!! :p

Why I am a Mormon

Why I am a Mormon? Why I've chosen to be a member of His church? For me, being a Mormon is pretty hard. Yes, I agree that there are a lot of things that we cannot do or participate in. Temptation comes all the time and it is hard to have the integrity. Of being obedient all the time, wherever I am. But being a member of this church gives me peace and hope and happiness. Knowing that I can live with Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ and my family again, but this time it's forever gives me the strength to endure all the trial and difficulties of life. Knowing that I get credit for trying to live righteously gives me hope that I will be better someday. Knowing that I can progress and improve gives purpose in my life.Knowing that I am not alone gives me happiness and comfort. I know that I am not alone. I will never be alone. I am an only child. My mom left me when I was two to work as a nanny abroad and I never met my father. I grew up seeing my cousins and friends having a complete family. I always asked myself why am I alone? Why me? Since then, I always wanted to have family like what they have. I always had the desire to find the true happiness. My heart was full of envy. But when I found Jesus Christ, everything has changed. When I let Him help me, He did. He saved me. He comforted me. When I let Him change me, I indeed changed. I started to forgive others and stopped blaming them for what had happened to me. I saw things differently now. Instead of murmuring and asking, I started to become humble and grateful of all the trials that I faced. That without those, I will never be the Jenny that I m right now. I found the true happiness that I was seeking for my entire life. I know temptations are always there. Life will never be perfect. Challenges and trials will always be there but I know God is always there too! I've chosen His church because it is where I found the path that leads me back to Heavenly Father and this is where I know I belong! :)

How I live my faith

As a youth, for me it is hard to live what I truly believe. I am not perfect and I make poor choices every now and then. But through personal scripture study, going to church every Sunday and repenting from the sins I have made helps me to live my faith. I am a teacher at church of 6 and 7 year olds. I help them in establishing their faith upon the Savior Jesus Christ. I live my faith by serving the people around me. Whenever I have the chance to help other members, I try to have time to do so. I live my faith by showing my talents to people and helping them when needed. I live my faith by being a good example to others. I live my faith by simply the kind of person whom you can talk to whenever you need help or just by having company. I live my faith by being happy! :)