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Hi I'm Atelaite Taupeavai Mapa

Born and half-bred in Hawaii, half-bred in New Zealand. I'm an Indigenous Leader/Advocate & a Polynesian Academic. I'm a Mormon.

About Me

I live and reside in the beautiful New Zealand, and have been called to serve in the Texas, New Fort Mission, reporting this July 2016. WOO HOO! A recent First-Class Honors graduate with two years’ research experience that produced my Dissertation based in Indigenous Health and Health Policy/Public Health and three years’ experience in academic mentoring and tutoring. I've also been and am involved in leading Community Organizing campaigns that will enable Indigenous/minority groups to live in transformative, health-promoting socio-political environments that influence realization of social rights and positive health outcomes. For me, SERVICE outside in my community is massive! And that's been instilled to me through growing up in the Church and individually converting to this Restored Gospel of Jesus Christ in later teen years. I recognize that I am on the higher, moral ground because of my complete devotion and willingness to be transformed with Christ. And because of that, my love continues to grow for my Savior Jesus Christ, I choose to help alongside Him on the higher ground in reaching out to individuals that are in the 'pit' and need an invitation to look up and come out to our Redeemer.

Why I am a Mormon

I want to answer why I have committed to serve an 18-month mission voluntarily preaching the Restored Gospel and serving in a place where I may be a 'stranger'. I am doing this, because I am willing to "Go Heart" in this privilege and responsibility to serve the Lord Jesus Christ and our Heavenly Father. My decision to serve a mission has been questioned by non-Latter-day Saint people as well as Latter-day Saint members, saying "Do you really need to serve?", with a bright academic career to be postponed and already reaching spiritual maturity now? But that's exactly why I need to go? Right! I'm not a Secretive Eater to this Gospel! Whenever there's a good place I've eaten at, or if I've got a delicious meal, I'm gonna share it to the person next to me so they taste that delicious-ness, enjoy it, and continue to share it! The Lord has blessed me as a Leader in this World, to illuminate Christ's Light and Gospel that has opened the flood gates to 'Good, Really Good Things' a.k.a. Blessings to constantly flow into my life and the lives of loved ones. The Lord has not just given me 'Bread over Stone' (Luke 11:9-13) but a 'Whole Bakery'! Others, need to know there's a whole bakery of delicious blessings they are entitled to because of a loving Heavenly Father and merciful Savior Jesus Christ! Like Ruth, I am a Woman of Faith. Because of this, it requires my sacrifice, where like Ruth who gave up her native country Moab to follow her mother-in-law Naomi into Bethlehem because of her love for Naomi and for God and Jehovah.I too am willing to leave a comfort zone filled with friends, family, career opportunities to enter into a new place and go where the Lord wants me to go (Ruth 1:16) because I have a testimony and am converted to my God and Savior Jesus Christ. I will go and serve honorably a full-time mission in the Texas, Fort Worth Mission because of my personal happiness and growth that I've experienced that comes through accepting Christ and His restored Gospel.

How I live my faith

I live my faith by always choosing the Lord and His Glorious Work and Will FIRST! I've learned this truth and seen it by my parents, who regularly attended the Temple and was always 'busy' with voluntary Church callings. I was 18 years old, well into my First Year at University, and I became a Seminary Teacher. BOOM! Now throughout my 4 years as an Undergrad, and my 1 year as a Post-Grad Honors Student I taught Early-Morning Seminary - Teaching Religious Education based on Scriptures to youth (14-18 years) at 6:00 - 7:00am! I held onto that calling, even when I will be sleep-deprived from staying up to study all-night for an upcoming exam, or writing up that long essay, or with work and community involvement commitments. I held onto that calling, and I prioritized that calling, as well as other multiple callings I've had throughout my YSA years: Ward Self-Reliance Specialist, Ward Activities Female Coordinator, Sunday School Teacher, Young Women Program Secretary just to name a few. People called me mad for prioritizing my Church commitments and service. Um, you are mad if you do it the flip side, and instead invest in other competing priorities rather than the Lord's work. Elder Richard G. Scott said: "Stay on the Lord's side and you will WIN EVERY TIME!". Brothers and sisters, I've been winning, because I'm on the Lord's side, and put Him first! I live my faith, by acknowledging and telling everyone, my temporal or secular education success has only come because of my ongoing conversion and constant choice to be on the Lord's side and follow my Savior Jesus Christ; their work and Gospel being my Number 1 priority in life! I recognize and declare my dependence on my loving Heavenly Father, and my Savior Jesus Christ, upon which all 'good things' in my life has come (Alma 34:27). The things that matter most in this life is 'spiritual', it is that which the Restored Gospel of Jesus Christ encompasses and directs us to do and become (Doctrine & Covenants 29:34).