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Hi I'm RiLee

I'm a makeup enthusiast, I live for Mexican food, and I'm obsessed with horses. I'm a Mormon.

About Me

In every elementary school, there is that girl who comes to school wearing horse shirts every day and pretends to be a horse at recess. That was me. The horse girl. I never grew out of it. Horseback riding is a passion I've had ever since I was a fetus. Another passion of mine is makeup. I think it is a really spiritual experience to watch myself go from a 3 to a 10 in like 30 minutes just by putting some products on my face. If I'm not riding a horse or doing my makeup, you can usually find me playing tennis, sleeping, listening to Taylor Swift, playing Tetris, sleeping, playing the piano, reading a dystopian fiction novel, or sleeping. I also like to pet dogs. I haven't been doing much of that lately though (except I still pet lots of dogs) because I'm currently a missionary in the Texas Houston East Mission. I'm one of those annoying people that screams "YEAHHHHH!! TEXAS!!!!!" anytime someone mentions anything about Texas. I used to hate those people and now I am one of them. I love Mexican food so I think the Lord knew that and blessed me to serve Spanish speaking because that means Mexican food every day. And also consequently means being 15 pounds heavier than before. No regrets though. I've done most of my growing up in Spokane, Washington, which is famous for......nothing. It's not too exciting but it's a good place. You should come visit.

Why I am a Mormon

BECAUSE BEING A MORMON IS AMAZING!!!!! Obviously. But for real you guys, this church makes so much sense. The exact same church that Jesus Christ established when he was here has been restored! So why would I not want to be a member of that church? I grew up in the Mormon church and it's more than just a place we go on Sunday, it's a lifestyle. Seeing the way that the lifestyle and values of Christ's church have blessed my family and brought me happiness is evidence enough for me that the church is true. But if that's not evidence enough for you, read the Book of Mormon because THAT is the realest evidence. Since I have gone through the motions of being a member of the church my whole life, I think the turning point for me--like when I really started being a member of the church for myself and not for my family--was the first time I felt the Spirit (in other words, the first time I felt God answering my prayer). I was 12 and I was having a hard time believing God even existed, let alone believing that I was in the right church. So I prayed for guidance, asking Him if He was really there, and as I was in a meeting with other church members listening to them share their testimonies of God...I felt something I can't really put into words. But I felt like He was RIGHT THERE. And the words of a church song we would sing came straight to my head, saying "My child, I love you, don't forget your great worth." I felt Him right there with me, in my doubts, my fears, my struggles...He loved me anyways. Ever since then, when I remember that moment of feeling so close to Him, it dispels all doubts. I know with a surety that I am in the right church, and that my Heavenly Father and my Savior Jesus Christ love me. Being part of Christ's church has brought me so close to my Heavenly Father and my Savior, and because of that I know that I have worth, that I'm loved, and that I have a purpose here. Without that knowledge, I don't know how I would even exist.

How I live my faith

I gave up first world life to come to Texas and dedicate my life to serving the Lord for a year and a half as a missionary. And I am happier than I have ever been in my life because of it. I want everyone to know how much happiness this gospel can bring them! So that makes every hard time, every trial, every tear....all worth it. Because as a missionary we get to watch people change their lives for the Lord the same way we have, and it is an incredible experience. I can't wait to continue serving the Lord even after my mission and seeing the miracles He gives me every day.