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Hi I'm Jacob

I'm a Californian who taught his little brother Morse Code. And I'm a Mormon.

About Me

I just finished my first year of studying at Brigham Young University (an incredible school!) and am about to put a hold on my education in order to be a missionary in Spain. I'm a spontaneous person who loves Rubik's cubes and duct tape, and I built a chandelier for Senior Prom out of old umbrellas and PVC. I guess you could say that I like to figure things out, so we'll see how well I figure out how to speak Spanish and be a missionary! I love my Savior Jesus Christ, and you'd better believe I'm ready to explain why to anyone I meet in Spain! I thank God every day for what Christ did for me and for His restored gospel that I am blessed to know.

Why I am a Mormon

I started a Mormon because my family is Mormon, and I stayed a Mormon because I tested the doctrine and found out that it's true. An assurance that God lives comes "precept upon precept, line upon line" (Isaiah 28: 13), and as I've made small choices to follow God, I've come to know Him a better and better. In The Book of Mormon, the prophet Moroni invites everyone to read and then pray, asking God if the book is true. Moroni promised that anyone who asked sincerely would get an answer. I took Moroni's invitation, and I got an answer, an assurance, that what I was reading was the word of God, and I have since had many answers to prayers come from reading the scriptures. I am a Mormon because I have prayed, asking God for help, and I got it. I remember one night when I was really young, I'd been having some problems sleeping. I remember one night that was worse than usual, and I lay in bed for hours unable to fall asleep. It doesn't sound too bad now, but as a little kid it was agonizing, watching my alarm clock in the early hours of the morning. I knelt down in my bed and prayed, believing that God could make me go to sleep, and when I opened my eyes the sun was up. As a young teenager, I prayed to ask God a question, then opened my scriptures and just started reading. I found a verse that answered my question and slapped my upside the head besides. I believe in God because of these and many other experiences that I've had. I made a habit to pray every day, and I have come to know that God listens to prayers. Then I did the same with reading the scriptures every day, and because of that I know that they are true. I guess sometimes you have to take a step in the dark before God confirms that what you're doing is right, but if you ask Him sincerely then He always answers. I'm a living testament to that.

How I live my faith

Every Sunday I go to church with my family, where we learn and teach about Jesus Christ and how to become a little bit more like Him. We are reminded of the promises we have made to follow Him and of the promises He has made to His children. As a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints (aka the "Mormon" church) I believe that God has given us certain commandments which I try to apply to my daily life. Like some other Mormons you may have noticed, I don't swear, smoke, drink coffee, or work on Sundays. This earns me some pretty frequent questions from friends and co-workers, but my opinion hasn't ever changed. It's part of my religion, and Heavenly Father expects it of me. I live this way because I really believe that it is what my God wants for me. I know my life is better for the decision. We're down here on Earth for just a little while, so it seems to me like we might as well help each other out. Jesus visited the sick and the needy during His life, and through the church I get to do a tiny fraction of what He did. Ever since I was 14 years old I've been able to visit other church members in their homes, especially those too sick to come to church. By doing this, we ensure that every member is doing okay and has access to any they might need from other members, be it a ride to the doctor, a few extra people to help load a moving van, or basically anything else. I thank my God every night that I have been so blessed to be a part of a church led by His son Jesus Christ.