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Hi I'm Ammie

I grew up in Texas. I moved to Uganda and found new meanings to life. I'm a Mormon.

About Me

Elderly people are the lifeline of our existence. Without our ancestors and elderly family members, we would not be here today. Just as our family members took care of us when we were babies, it is our responsibility to care for our elders once they reach a ripe and experienced old age. My life has been made more joyful by being given the honor of caring for elderly people in Uganda, a beautiful East African country. It is in Uganda that I was able to find my way to God. Before moving there, I was a staunch Atheist (Or so I thought). But through serving other people in a very humble setting, my heart was opened up to the love and grace of our Heavenly Parents. Heavenly Father blessed me by taking me half-way across the world and placing me in a location in which he knew would be right for making my conversion. It is in Uganda that I had my first experience with Mormons, and that was through my wonderful fiance, a Ugandan return missionary, who served his mission in West Africa. Together, we serve the elderly people of his home village by providing them with medical care, socialization, and sensitizing the community on the importance of elders in society. It is a rough, yet beautiful life we live, and it is through the Grace of God that we were brought together. The me of yesterday could not have fathomed the me of today, so great are the changes which this Restored Gospel has brought me. My testimony is this: God loves you, even when you don't think he is there.

Why I am a Mormon

My life before becoming a Mormon had very little to do with religion. Of course, as an American, my family always celebrated the major holidays, but there was never any spiritual connection for me, personally. I dabbled in several religions, and still could not manage to have a spiritual experience. This led me to believe, for over 10 years, that I was an atheist. Becoming a Mormon certainly never once popped into my head, until just a few months before I actually "became" a Mormon. It happened through several huge life-changes, and ultimately, through opening myself up to listen to what the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints actually had to say. Now, I must confess that at first, it was simply to drive away bordem. I had run out of books, and I found a Liahona magazine laying around, so I decided to read it. The talks I found inside were beautiful, beyond any religious discussions or topics I had ever encountered before. But I still wasn't converted. I took a challenge from my fiance and missionaries in our neighborhood to actually read some of the Book of Mormon, and then pray to receive my own revelation that it was true. Well, I thought I would prove them all to be silly, but it was in fact ME who was proven silly. I had such a strong emotion come over me. To describe how it felt can not do it justice, but it was like waves and waves of love and joy, forgiveness, understanding and encouragement rained down onto me. I knew, from that very second, that what I was now reading was TRUE, and it was the spiritual connection I had been looking for all those years before. I continue to be a Mormon because each Sunday during Sacrament Meeting, I feel that connection and reaffirm that first revelation. It is the ONLY religious congregation that has moved me, and the promises of Eternal life with my family, in the presence of my Heavenly Parents, are so worth striving for.

How I live my faith

I live my faith by always striving my best to live a Christ-like existence. A great lesson I have learned from this Church is to see all people as children of Heavenly Father (God). This enables me to experience a deep love for all people, no matter their lifestyle, beliefs or attitudes. In my ward, I have a calling to inspire fellow church members in teaching families who they visit at home particular messages sent by the church leaders. This is a great honor to me, as it gives me motivation to contemplate deeply on these messages so that I can express the meaning to my fellow church members. One unique thing about this church is that we, as members, are given every opportunity and encouragement to teach one another, just as Christ's disciples taught those around them. It is a very empowering way to help each of us grow in our faith and in our self-confidence.