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Hi I'm Jacob Farr

I grew up in South Carolina, USA. I am a missionary for the church and will serve in Italy. I'm a Mormon.

About Me

I was born and raised in South Carolina, USA by a Mom and Dad who both grew up in Georgia. I have one sister whom I love more dearly than anything else on this earth, and I love to have fun with her and her friends. I enjoy building things and gardening when I have the means and the time. I love to do things with friends like Ice Skating, dancing, hiking, board/video/card games, campfires/camping, and pretty much anything that I can do with other people. I also like to read and play instruments, although I don't claim to be a professional, and spend quality time with my family doing anything. Life is amazing and there is never such thing as the end, and I find comfort in the fact that things are always likely to change for the better if you keep trying. I went on a mission to Milan, Italy and it was the best decision of my life. I grew more out there and learned more than I ever could have if I had decided to go straight to college. My faith in this Gospel and this Church grew exponentially, and my wisdom in all things religious inceased right alongside my knowledge. God be thanked for all the blessings in my life.

Why I am a Mormon

The church has blessed my life beyond measure and without it I don't want to know what dark hole I would have dug myself into. Because of this Gospel, I feel like I can always be better and that drives me to improve myself every day. I chose to serve a mission for this church for many reasons, but chief among these was that my Patriarchal Blessing said that going on a mission would be an important step for me, so I took a leap of faith just to go. Being called to Italy doesn't make me any better than anyone else and in fact, I was willing to do whatever the Lord wanted me to do if that meant that I could understand why my parents had so much respect and love for this Gospel, and having experienced the fullness of this Gospel and the absolutely horrid persecution that I went through almost daily just because of my belief has not only built my belief that this is the true Church of Jesus Christ, but that I now know that it is. Why else would people have treated me the same way the "wise scribes" treated Christ when He was preaching his Gospel? Because I was preaching the same stuff that He preached, and Satan has such a hold on some people that their hearts are just too hardened to even hear the simple message we have to offer the world. I am not a super religious man, but this means something and it does have relevance and significance in our modern world. I am a Mormon because it is clear that the Adversary does not want this church to rise, and that means that He knows what we have to offer can cleanse the world of his evil. I know this church has the true Gospel of Jesus Christ and that the members of this church are His saints in these latter days. The Book of Mormon was translated from the language of the ancient Inhabitants of America by Joseph Smith, who was called of God to be a Prophet and restore Christs Gospel and Church to the earth. Of this I solemnly and boldly testify in the sacred name of Jesus Christ, Amen.

How I live my faith

Whenever I have spare time and I have the means to do so I read the Scriptures, which means not just the Book of Mormon but all the books we have available. They were all written by people as they were moved upon by the Holy Ghost and the teachings we find there in can all be used to help us grow closer to God. I also try to look for the small acts of service I always seem to have open up around me, and help others along their way because the small things are the best ways we can make this world a happier place. I don't look for credit when I do these things and I try not to make myself seem better than I really am, because all the glory goes to God. I would not desire to do service as deeply as I do without the light and knowledge He as given me through Prophets, Apostles, Teachers, and so forth. I pray always that I may recieve the blessings God has promised to those that love Him, and I love and stay close to my family because they helped me become who I am today and they deserve the credit. Give all you have for the Lord, and He will bless you beyond measure with happiness, peace, hope, and without reservation will prosper you.

How can we increase our faith in Jesus Christ?

Jacob Farr
It is really quite simple to do this, but this takes some concentration and effort on your part. I invite you to study the books we call "the word of God", because there must be a reason we call them this, especially the Book of Mormon because it is a direct translation from a record of the ancient inhabitants of America and thus is the most accurate book on Earth of its kind. After you have read and understand what you read then you should know the commandments of God, and if you know this then you also know the blessings that come with keeping them and may have a desire to have those blessings. If this is the case, then pray to God to know if these things are true, for He is the source of all this knowledge, and expect to recieve an answer. The answer will not come in the form of a vision and can not be compared to a lightning strike of knowing, but you will begin to see and feel small things you didn't before; good things, warm things, even happy things. Those are your confirmations of the truth and they will lead you down the path of righteousness which will build your faith and lead you where God wants you to be. Show more Show less