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Hi I'm Natausha

I love spending time in the outdoors. I am a horse lover. I am currently serving a mission in Washington. I'm a Mormon.

About Me

I grew up in the small town of Filer, Idaho. I love spending time in the outdoors, participating in such activities as archery, rafting, hiking, and horseback riding. I am a horse lover. With a cowboy for a father, I grew up around horses and had the opportunity to participate in horse 4H. I love listening to music as well as playing music on both the violin and the piano. As the oldest of four children, I have the responsibility of being an example to my younger siblings. I love children, and I look forward to becoming a mother someday. With an interest in the workings of the human body and a love for helping other people, I plan to pursue a degree in nursing. Over the past year, I have been working on prerequisite coursework at a local community college. I am now serving a full-time mission for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints in the Washington Yakima Mission. I am so excited! Of all my many interests and accomplishments, there is one that has guided and directed my life more than any other; that is, I am a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints. I am a Mormon!

Why I am a Mormon

I am a Mormon. I know it. I live it. I love it! Those in my family have been members of this church for generations. I was born into a family that was very active in this church. Regardless, I do not rely on the faith of my parents. I am a Mormon because I CHOSE to be. Over the years, I have come to learn for myself that this gospel is true. I have a testimony of the Book of Mormon. I know that Joseph Smith was called as a prophet of God to bring forth that book at this time. Together with the Bible, it can bring great comfort and guidance. I have a testimony of the temple. I know that, through work performed in the temple, families are forever. Families can not only be united in this life but for eternity. That knowledge has brought me great comfort, especially since losing my father a little less than three years ago. I know I will see him again. I have a testimony of Jesus Christ and the power of the Atonement. He suffered not only for my sins but for my sorrows. He has felt every pain physically, mentally, and emotionally. When no one may understand, He does. I have a testimony of the power of prayer. God is real. We are His children. He loves us, He hears us, and He answers us. I do not know everything nor do I understand everything. Regardless, I do know one thing without a shadow of a doubt; that is, the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints is true! I have never really been able to explain how I know it to be true. The Spirit has born witness to me of its truth; that is, I have felt it. For me, personally, it was a feeling of warmth and peace deep in my chest. I love the metaphor of comparing the feeling of the Spirit to the taste of salt. Can you describe the taste of salt? It very difficult. One must experience it for himself.

How I live my faith

Christ is the foundation of our faith. We learn of Him, and we strive to become more like Him in both word and deed. I live my faith on a daily basis through the small and simple things, being an example to those around me and doing the things Christ would have me do. To come closer to Christ, I attend church, read my scriptures, and pray. I always strive to uphold my standards, refraining from harmful substances, speaking with clean words, and dressing myself modestly. The LDS church thrives on the basis of service. Over the past year, I have served as the pianist in my branch. I strive to be kind and serve those around me. I am far from perfect, and I still have a ways to go. Each day, I strive to become a little better than I was the day before.