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Hi I'm Michael Brush

I grow up in Utah away from the Church.

About Me

My life hasn't been easy but Heavenly Father has led me through ever step.

Why I am a Mormon

I was baptized when I was 9. The missionary that baptized me was from Africa, after I was baptized he was left i when to church a few more times then my parents worked on Sunday so we when inactive. For a long time I never thought of myself as a Mormon. As time when on I grow colder to people I ended up with a very few Mormon friends we did not talk religion, but I felt like something was missing. So I started looking it to religions, anything I could find I tried except the Mormon church. It seamed like every one had some of the truth but no one had all of it so nothing felt right so in time I came up with what I felt the truth was. I was telling one of my friends how I felt, he suggested I try the Mormon church, I told him no. He said the offer still stands, I thought about it more, and more. In time I decided to try, I told my friend I would go and he said I could sit with his family. So I started to go to the Mormon church I would go when I had nothing better to do. One day the bishop said something that hit to my core, and I knew that this church had the full truth. They would talk about how families can be together forever, and I loved that, but none of my family was with me. So I stopped going. My friend when on his mission, and I when in to a dark place. I was there for some time, I knew if I didn't do something it would destroy me. Two years passed my friend came home from him mission, and told me about the YSA ward. It was perfect the message was the same, families can be together forever, and we're all working toward that. It was exactly what I needed and I know it was true.

How I live my faith

6 months after I got active I started to think about going on a mission, so I prayed about it, and the answer I got was that it is your choice. Witch was not the answer I wanted. I prayed 3 times and got the same answer, then someone gave a talk in sacrament saying if you pray and get an answer don't pray again, God's not going to change his answer, so you should ask a different question. So that night I asked, what good would it do if I want on a mission. That night I had a dream, I was surrounded by darkness, I started walking. As I walked I could see the light far away, so I started to walk toward it. As I got closer I could see figures in the light, and as I walked up to the light I could see the light was in the shape of a ring. In the middle was darkness. The figures I seen in the light was people, they where crying. I cast my eyes round about the circle, all the people was looking in the middle of the circle. I look to the middle of the circle where I could see someone, on there knees crying, with a sorrow so deep you could almost see it. Then I heard a voice, and it said "You can reach them." I woke up right after that, and I knew I need to go on a mission. I don't know if I'll meet the people on my mission, but I know someday I will meet them and, when I do I want to be able to help them in anyway I can. Right now I'm serving a two year mission.