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Hi I'm Amanda

I am a student, I am a dancer, I love to serve, and I'm a Mormon.

About Me

I am from Washington, but am currently serving as a missionary in the Japan Tokyo mission. I have an amazing family with my parents, older brother, and younger sister. After serving my mission I plan to continue studying Marketing in Utah where I attend college. I have been dancing for about 14 years in a variety of styles including ballet, jazz, modern, and tap. I love being able to express myself through dance and relieve stress through movement. I also love music and playing the piano. Being able to play both classical music and hymns has brought me a lot of happiness over the years and I plan to continue playing for a very long time.

Why I am a Mormon

We are constantly being bombarded with terrible things that are happening in the world. Wars, diseases, natural disasters, shootings, and more are constantly occurring and we can see it happening on the news and on the internet. All of this tragedy makes me so sad because through this gospel I have learned that we were sent here to make our own choices, but Heavenly Father wants us to come back to him and to be happy. With all the bad happening in the world, I know that I can always turn to the Book of Mormon and to this church and find peace, joy, and happiness. Those three feelings are why I am a Mormon. Everything the church has taught me has brought me peace, joy, and happiness. Whenever I start to feel weighed down by the tragedies in the world, I know that Heavenly Father is there for me, to help me come back to him and everlasting joy. I was born into an LDS family, but I have come to know for myself that this church is true. Families can be together forever and we can have eternal happiness. Everything I have read about in the Book of Mormon, everything I have been taught in the church, everything I have prayed about has confirmed to me that this church is true, and that is why I am a Mormon.

How I live my faith

I was very blessed to be able to receive an exceptional education throughout my life and I have always been grateful for that. However, I know that there are many kids out there who aren't as lucky as I am. In high school I had the opportunity to work with an organization called See Your Impact to raise money to purchase school supplies for schools in Guatemala. I love serving others and this cause was especially dear to me because it helps other people around the world to be able to improve their lives. Now, I am a missionary and I have another opportunity to help others improve their lives. By spreading the gospel and knowledge of Christ's love, I can bring happiness and joy into people's lives. I am so excited to be serving the people of Japan and showing them through my example and my words, the light that this gospel can bring into their lives.

Why are only some Mormons allowed into temples? Is there something secret going on in Mormon temples? What goes on in Mormon temples?

We believe that the temple is the House of the Lord. It is the closest we can come to God, here on Earth, therefore it is a very sacred place. Because of its sacredness, only qualified and prepared members of the church can enter into the temple. Someone once told me that the requirements are there so that we will feel comfortable in the temple and that we are worthy to be there receiving the blessings. The temple is so sacred and special, if we feel comfortable there, that is a good sign that we will feel comfortable in God's presence. The temple isn't so much secret as it is sacred. The things that happen inside temples are too sacred to share the exact details of, but they include learning eternal truths and performing ordinances for those who have passed away. Show more Show less

What blessings can you receive from reading the Book of Mormon, the Bible, and other scriptures?

The greatest blessing that I have received from reading the Book of Mormon is happiness and peace. Reading the scriptures has helped me to come closer to God and better understand how I can be happy. There is so much truth in every book of the scriptures and when I follow the teachings within the books, I feel so much joy. As I read and reread the scriptures, I constantly find new teachings and stories that help bring me comfort in my daily life. The scriptures are also another way for God to respond to our prayers. I have had so many experiences where I will pray to God about a question I have and the answer will come to me during my scripture study. The scriptures are truly amazing. Every single word in them is important and was chosen for us to read today. It is such a blessing to have the scriptures in our lives to bring us comfort, peace, and joy. Show more Show less