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Hi I'm Jimmy Wakeling

I grew up in Maine. My goal is to spread the truth about the church. I am a Mormon.

About Me

I love to cook. At the age of 15 I decided that I wasn't going to eat out of a can all the time. I bought my first cookbook and have never stopped. I love the outdoors. Hunting and fishing are what I enjoy the most. It is so peaceful when you are alone in the woods or on the edge of a stream. It let's you feel the presence of heavenly father because you are surround by his creations. All the noise and junk the world bombards us with is removed. The only baggage you have is what you have brought in with you and what better place to turn it over to the lord. I was baptized December 26th in a lake in Northern Maine. We were breaking 2 inches of ice. It was an amazing experience. When one stops and considers what Christ went thru to atone for our sins, anything that is asked of us seems small in comparison.

Why I am a Mormon

From a young age I was brought up in the baptist church. As I grew older I started feeling the spirit more when I would study the bible. My wife was a member of the mormon church so I took the discussions and became a member. After a while we left the church for some reasons which I won't discuss. We decided to try going back to the baptist church but both my wife and I noticed that when we went to church that we couldn't feel the spirit very strong at all. We both knew something was missing but didn't know what. We both searched for a couple of year. Then one day the sister missionaries called us. My wife started taking the lessons. I was still hesitant. I began sitting in on a few then realized that Heavenly father was giving me a second chance. After I was rebaptized I felt the spirit so strong it is indescribable. I know that this is Christ's church reestablished back on the earth. This is the fullness of his word. All through history we have had prophets to help lead us when we would start straying or we didn't understand. God loves us and would just stop. He wants us to grow strong in our faith. We have a living prophet that we receive inspiration, revelation and guidance from. This church gives me purpose for my life. In a world that would only weigh you down with turmoil and despair, the love of God can lift the burdens through the atonement of his son Jesus Christ our savior. Whether we believe in God or Jesus Christ they believe in us and only wants to help us out from underneath the weight of the world. To give us meaning in life and a way to be with them and our families after we die.

How I live my faith

When I was confirmed I made a commitment that I would accept any calling asked of me. I believe that if we all want to grow in our faith we should be looking for opportunities to serve the lord. I am a branch missionary and love spreading the word of God. My main goal is to spread the truth about our church and dispel the lies of the world. God loves all of us. We should love each other in that way. Only by living the example can we show non members what living in Christ is really like. It won't take long for them to notice the difference. I am always looking for opportunities to serve others in need. "'Truly I tell you, whatever you did for one of the least of these brothers and sisters of mine, you did for me. . Those are words we should live by. We are not told to live like christains, we are told to live like Christ. I am a home teacher. It is amazing to visit and share a message with others. Everyone needs a little reminder that there is someone out there that cares about them and thinks that they are important enough to take time out of their busy schedule just to visit them and uplift them with a message and some kind words. Sometimes this is all the visits they may get.