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Hi I'm Beverly

I'm an unique,creative, & interesting special Child of God with great potential. I'm a born & raised Texas Mormon & glad of that.

About Me

I am a college student who's currently taking her basics at San Jac and is aiming for a degree in Graphic Design. I say I'm geeky,unique,semi-special needs,intellectual,pleasant,outgoing,civil,open-minded,joyous,fun,pious,compassionate, and creatively talented. Among some of my hobbies are drawing,creative writing,gaming,meditation, and reading. I have an interest in exploring new places and really like to travel. Among some of the subjects I have an interest in are astronomy,philosophy,paleontology,paranormal, & history. I really like Fantasy and is my favorite fictional genre(though I also like anime). My favorite holiday is Easter and is my favorite in part because of the essential significant of Jesus's resurrection. My favorite animal by the way is the Budgerigar(aka parakeet). Most of my social life is spent at church activities, though I do have some nonmember friends. I am respectful of and have an interest in people that are different from me, including their beliefs. I have an interest in wanting to do charity work for others and want to someday found a charitable organization. I want to contribute something significant to the world, like help changing it for the better. Like I like to be an innovator for instance. I also have an interest in video game designing,becoming an author,music making, among other related things. Jesus is my prime idol but I do admire other notable honorable people like Mother Teresa,Martin Luther King, Jr., & George Albert Smith.

Why I am a Mormon

I was born and raised in this church and grateful I was so. Though as a child I wasn't very enthusiastic about my religion but really got into it as a teenager. I had to gain my own testimony of the LDS gospel like any other person brought up in the faith; though unlike a lot of kids who relied mostly on borrowed light I relied mostly on my own light all the way. Turns out I had a natural strong faith & belief in the LDS church. I naturally know the LDS church is true and I feel a natural closeness,love, & strong unquestionable faith towards Heavenly Father. I love being a member and found myself hard to imagine not being in the pleasant goodness of the LDS gospel & church. I couldn't see myself fall away from what has the full truth. For being a member has given me meaning,been a guideline,and answers more questions or have more truths then most other religions. Come to think it's neat to think about there being additional scriptures & truths from my church and glad of that. I see the benefit of the atonement in my life as because of it I can start over again regardless of my past mistakes. Also during the atonement Jesus felt all my heartaches & sorrows so therefore I see the great benefit of someone who has perfect empathy for me. I am a child of God,like everybody else, and I know God is my Father who I can always trust and loves & knows me perfectly. I know we love each other very much and I want to go back to live with him again. I have received divine healing & comfort, which further adds to the truth of the LDS gospel. The LDS church has brought me closer to Christ & brought me to a clear knowledge of who Jesus is. I testify that the LDS church is indeed a Christian church & is in fact Jesus Christ's restored original church and you can get closer to Him then any other church. I say this in the name of Jesus Christ, Amen. The church has provided me happiness,a peace of mind, and good & kind friends. Building up Zion has given me extra purpose to be a member.

How I live my faith

I am a visiting teacher and a part time indexer. The former is when you visit with other women from my church and edify & give service to them. The latter is when you index information from public records to be distribute to the wider public more easily. I am striving to be a righteous disciple of Jesus Christ and to improve myself in general. Which includes being active in church,studying the scriptures & talks of general authorities(which are basically high ranking church leaders), and studying my patriarchal blessing(which basically is a meaningful guideline for your life as given by a stake patriarch). I hope for missionary & service opportunities(including going on more splits with the Sister missionaries) to engaged in and to help hasten the work of salvation. As I think one of my essential purposes in life to to help hasten the work of my church.

What are some things that tell you there is a God?

Other then His creations, I know I had received genuine comfort,love, & healing from God through the Holy Ghost. Also maybe the concept of there being a perfect thing might subconsciously come from God being perfect. Also I had genuinely received ideas & promptings from the Holy Ghost that seem right. Not to forget to mention how the Houston Texas Temple was miraculously protected from flooding, including the most recent flooding. In addition there's a video of the Manti Utah Temple surviving a tornado. There's the conscience which shows another piece of evidence of God. In speaking of his creations, the complexity of humans show that there is a God that can create such complicated & advanced beings after His image. Show more Show less

What are Mormon women like? Do Mormons believe in equality of men and women?

Mormon women are similar to non-member women but the significant difference is that they live by Mormon or LDS standards and believe that we are daughters of God. Mormon women are just as human as non Mormon women and have our own hobbies,likes,dislikes, and so forth like anybody else. Yes we certainly believe in the equality of men and women. Though we don't believe that men and women are the same and that each have their own gender roles to fulfill. For it's the way of the natural order of things and how God had created it to be so as we see it. We believe in having husband and wife working together in an egalitarian relationship and having equal importance in the marriage relationship. It's generally considered acceptable for wives and mothers to have careers outside of the home. Even I know of LDS Mothers who juggle with college and/or work with raising kids. We have women general auxiliary leaders on general church councils working alongside the men. We believe it's very inappropriate to harass women and to say anything sexist & misogynistic towards them. We believe in respecting women very well,kindly, and fairly. Show more Show less

Do Mormons worship Joseph Smith?

No, as our worship is centered around Jesus Christ. As our church is Jesus Christ's church not Joseph Smith's. We just believe that Joseph Smith was a notable servant or instrument of God and Jesus that helped restored lost essential truths. I personally observe my religion as Jesus's and not as Joseph Smith's. For I personally believe in the church because of Jesus and to that Joseph Smith is secondary but still important. Or that I center & focus my own worship in the LDS church around Jesus. As Joseph Smith is crucial to us but not our #1 priority like Jesus. So therefore we should focus the Mormon church as being Jesus's church not Smith's. To us Joseph Smith is important to us like Abraham and Moses yet they can't be compared to the importance of God and Jesus. Show more Show less

What is the Atonement of Jesus Christ? Why was it necessary for Jesus Christ to sacrifice His life?

The atonement is when Jesus suffered for our sins & sorrows in Gethsemane and on the cross. For we believe that Jesus not just atone for our sins but suffered our sorrows & heartaches so he can know how to succor us(Alma 7:11-13). We believe there was more to the benefit of the atonement then just being punished for our sins in proxy; in addition we get to be resurrected,overcome our weaknesses,give us more strength to overcome our tribulations,etc. It was necessary as it would be very difficult to atoned for ourselves and therefore Jesus made it much easier. Also without Jesus sacrificing for us then the plan of salvation as we know of would fail. He was the only one,being pure, who could do it. God & Jesus loved us so much and didn't want us to be solely condemned & fail. So without the atonement we won't succeed & go back to live with God. Without the atonement none of the benefits of the gospel wouldn't come into play, like eternal families for instance. The atonement is one of the most important events that ever happened and transcends time & space. He atoned for everyone that ever lived in history individually. To me its very thought provoking to think about, including all these numberless people. The atonement is the essential & center core of our religion,the scriptures, and history basically. What stunning gracious benefits the atonement so provides and especially how beneficial Jesus atoning for my sorrows is to me. The gospel can't function without the atonement. Show more Show less