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Hi I'm Margaret Ida

I grew up in New York. I raised six boys. I'm an RN and I'm a Mormon.

About Me

I am the mother of six (grown) boys - and the grandmother of 8 - with 8 step-children providing 25 step-grands. I'm also an RN - formerly in Labor and Delivery, Newborn, and Postpartum care - but most recently in extended care. But the name of my little self-employment business probably describes best who I am - "Margaret Ida Helps!" I enjoy doing and helping with almost anything in real life - including (but not limited to!) homemaking, needlecrafts, family history, counseling, education, gardening, other crafts, politics, community work, theater, square dancing ... (Those imaginary-life games that are so popular among some do not interest me at all) I'm a good organizer and caring helper - with skills in all of the above as well as most aspects of do-it-yourself home maintenance and repairs. I enjoy language and besides English, also speak Spanish quite fluently, can communicate somewhat in French, and have a smattering of German and Portuguese. I have an Associate Degree in nursing, a Bachelor's degree in counseling and a Master's in education. I've been married long term (27 years), divorced :(, and am currently remarried. :)

Why I am a Mormon

I was baptized the day after my 18th birthday. I had been waiting for 2-1/2 years for that day. That night, as I participated in a youth activity, I finally felt as if I were 'no longer a stranger or foreigner, but [a fellow-citizen] with the saints and [a member] of the household of God.' My sister actually brought me into touch with the gospel. We had been brought up with basic Christian morality, but no formal religious training. Then one day my sister decided to fulfill a school assignment by researching and writing about the "Mormon" religion. So she wrote to the nearest Mormon church and asked for some information...Well, if you know anything about the Mormons, you probably know that the next thing that happened was some missionaries called to see if they could come and teach her about the Church! Since I was already interested in religion - and there were a couple of good-looking young men teaching about it - I asked if I could listen too. - Well, of course I could!!! As I listened and participated in the discussions (even when the teachers were older men!), read in the Book of Mormon, and attended meetings, I felt the whisperings of the spirit. I didn't know, but I followed the counsel in Alma 32 and experimented with the things I was learning. Then I took Moroni 10: 3-5 to heart and really prayed, received my answer, and felt I wanted to be baptized. My parents, however, didn't think my enthusiasm would last. They told me this was a teenage 'fad' and that I would soon 'get over it.' One of the things that has kept me active in the Church has been a determination to show them that I was truly committed. But a more important one is that the gospel has given me a focus and direction - a security - that I see lacking in other family members. And that is based on my ever growing testimony that I have a Heavenly Father who loves me and that the whole pathway to eternal life and joy is found in the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints.

How I live my faith

I have been what we call an 'active member' of the LDS Church ever since I was converted. What that means to me is that my focus and priorities always revolve around following the counsels that come from Church leaders and taking on any responsibility the Lord offers me. At present I spend 3 hours a week staffing our Family History Center and 6 hours a week serving as a temple ordinance worker. Soon my husband and I will be leaving to serve a 23-month full-time mission. In the past I lived my faith in a small branch of the Church for many years, serving in almost every calling available - usually three or four at a time! - teaching and leading children in Primary and Cub Scouts, youth in the Young Women's program and Scouting, and adults in the women's Relief Society, Family History, adult Sunday school classes, etc. - at the same time we were raising our 6 boys. A vital aspect of my faith is the knowledge that each of us is important to God - our own Heavenly Father. I express that not only in my busy church life, but through community involvement - in the public schools, on a planning board, as one of the coordinators for an annual 'city birthday' celebration, in a community food bank, etc. I'm really am not likely to just go out and 'socialize' but whenever I find a place where I can help, I love to go and do - and get to know new friends.