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Hi I'm Fred

I grew up in Southern California. I'm a product designer/CAD specialist. I enjoy playing disc golf. I'm a Mormon.

About Me

Currently I'm into disc golfing. I play often at my home course at La Miranda regional park. I also enjoy mountain bike riding and fishing.

Why I am a Mormon

I choose to be a member of this church because before I joined, I saw how people I knew who were members of this church lived as if they knew how life was meant to be lived. Like they read and follow life's instruction manual. So it seemed. They were truly happy even when challenges popped up. Also, their families seemed like model families. I secretly wanted to know why. I did my research and inquisitioned one of my member friend and I was introduced to the missionaries. I was taught that they followed Jesus Christ and I've taken up their challenge to see if these teachings were true. I was successful in getting an answer from God. It changed my life, my thinking, my beliefs. I know now the source of this life instruction and how to live with great happiness. How families truly can live eternally and happily. I know for myself that God does live and this church? Well, it really is His established church on the earth today. God established this church through His Apostles and Prophets. Not man established church and saying its God's. But this is Heavenly Father's one true church lead by our Lord and Savior even Jesus Christ Himself. I know this to be true and I rejoice in being a member of it. I receive Heaven's help from time to time when needed. Miracles. Yeah, crazy right? Nope. I don't share those "miraculous" accounts to everyone because I know, sadly they'd be dismissed as something less special. But I know they are real miracles, blessings, or help from God, and I know God knows these blessings are real and is the reason why I continue to be a part of it today. Hey, in today's world I need all the help I can get. We all can use help even from God right?

How I live my faith

On a daily basis I pray first thing in the morning before I get out of bed. I live the daily challenges driving, working, etc. with the attitude, "what would the Savior do/say?". I study the scriptures to gain insight and understanding of the God's will and how it applies to enrich my or other's life. Then before I retire to sleep at day's end, I get on my knees and pray thanking the Lord for this day that I lived. I also, say silent prayers when needed during the day as well. I live my faith in my community ward as a Ward Missionary and counselor in the Sunday school presidency. I enjoy serving in these roles very much. I love the Savior Jesus Christ and this His true church.

What are some things that tell you there is a God?

Some of the things that denote an existence of God is the hyper precision the distance of the earth is in relation to the sun. To realize how important and precise the earth orbits the sun is to examine how the earth gets its seasons. We now that earth is 96 million miles away from the Sun. Yet, the tilt of its axis is enough to bring the earth's hemisphere tilted towards the sun to bring on summer temperatures. The hemisphere tilted away brings cold winter temperatures. That slight difference in distance of just half an earth, brings on these delicate seasonal temperatures. If earth would be closer than 96million miles away it would be too hot. Any farther away, too cold for intelligent life. This exactness in distance from the sun cannot come to be by chance. Only an intelligence such as God has placed these in their proper form in order for us to exist on this planet with just the right temperatures. Think about it. This is one of many things that denote there is a God. Show more Show less