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Hi I'm Tyson

I was raised in Bountiful, Utah. I worked faithfully and valiantly in my ward, and served with Christ in mind. I'm a Mormon.

About Me

My name is Tyson, and I was raised in Utah, within the church. Some of my hobbies include basketball and guitar. I love to get out and run on a basketball court. I also love any type of exercise. I could spend entire days in the gym, because I love it so much. Guitar is another one of my passions. I could play the guitar all day long. When I play, I feel so at peace with myself and with the world. I love to play hymns, because I feel that they bring the spirit in a strong way, and in a way that words sometimes can't. The guitar is a refuge for me from my everyday life. Other activities I enjoy include: walking my dog, working on my car, and reading. I like to be busy all the time, and I especially enjoy challenging myself. I like to think of myself as a fairly independent person, and that inspires me everyday to teach myself how to do new things.

Why I am a Mormon

From the time I was born, I was a member of the church. My parents are members, and so until I was about 12 years old, I hadn't really gained a testimony of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. I felt like the doctrines were true, but I hadn't really tested them for myself. That winter, I dislocated my right knee while playing basketball. At the time, the sport literally was my everything. I remember asking my coach for a blessing, right there in the gym that it happened. He was LDS so he called another member and they administered a blessing. In that moment, the Holy Ghost confirmed to me that I was going to be okay, and that God cared so much about how I was feeling in that very moment. It was profoundly comforting. From that moment I knew that I had to gain a more finite testimony of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. Oftentimes I think about the sacrifices of the early members of the church. I think about the specific trials of Joseph Smith. He devoted his whole self to the restoration of the church. I think about the amount of times he was tried in his faith, and for his translation of the book of Mormon. He was tarred and feathered, and persecuted against, yet his faith never waivered. I also think of my ancestors, the Mormon Pioneers. They walked across the American plains because they wanted to partake of this gospel without the infringement of others. Based from their sacrifices, I know that the Book of Mormon is true. I have read its words and learned its teachings. I know that this gospel is also true, and that the restored church is truly the Church of Jesus Christ. I know that Christ knows me, and I know that he cares about me, and who I am becoming. I know that He wants me to return to live with Him and my Father. I cannot deny this faith, nor can I deny this gospel. I am a Mormon because the gospel that we follow is composed of the most true teachings on Earth.

How I live my faith

The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints is something that is extremely important to me. It has been a priority in my life for as long as I can remember. Within my ward, I feel as though I contribute a lot. From the time I was twelve years old, I was asked to participate in fast offerings. This was my first activity under the direction of the priesthood. I have grown to love it, even though it isn't the most fun thing in the world. When I was twelve I was also blessed with the authority to aid in the administering of the sacrament. I was allowed to pass. From that point forward I always wanted to find ways to serve. When I turned fourteen, I was advanced in the priesthood. With that advancement came new responsibilities. I was in charge of preparing the sacrament. This brought a new closeness to Jesus Christ and His gospel that still effects my life today. When I turned sixteen I gained even more responsibilities which included the privilege of blessing the sacrament. I feel as though I truly stand in the place of Christ when I bless the sacrament and commission the people of my ward to follow Him, and remember Him always. Additionally I have recently received a calling as a building security manager. My assignment is to go up to my church building every night and ensure that all of the doors and windows are locked. That way no one is allowed to break in. I know that it is extremely important to offer all of myself in these callings. I strive to be as much like Christ as I can. This means that I treat all of the people that I come into contact with with a measure of love and kindness uncommon in the world today. I know that I have the authority to act in His place, and I also know that He will bless me for serving all of His people. It is a blessing and a privilege to have to many assignments and responsibilities in Zion.