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Hi I'm Dean

I was raised in Seattle. 6th of 11 children. Attended Catholic schools. Became Mormon in 1977. I am a Mormon.

About Me

I was born in Washington state. I am from a Catholic family of 11 children. I attended Catholic schools and took some college classes. As a youth, I spent my time playing with all the kids in our neighborhood. I was so fun, we played football, baseball, 4 square and Kick the Can in the street. There were lots of children my age in our neighborhood. I loved that I had a large family, there were always people at home to play with. We all got along very well. My mom and dad both worked, so my older sisters would babysit me when they were gone. My mom and dad worked in Restaurants and some times when I stayed home from school, I got to go to work with them. I got a love for that kind of worked and took that as my profession. I managed restaurants, owned a restaurant and then sold food to other restaurants. I also was a Restaurant Consultant for Restaurant owners. As a child I loved music and taught myself to play guitar. I played in many bands over my lifetime. I also learned to play piano, Harmonica, Drums, Bass Guitar and Ukulele. After I got married, my wife was an inactive member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. We decided that we needed to go to church, and I decided to join hers, as I was not impressed with the teachings of the Catholic church. We had 7 children. They are all grown and all but one is married. We are proud that we have 19 grandkids. We love to spend time visiting them and spoiling them. We love camping, and being outside.

Why I am a Mormon

I joined the LDS church after I became married. My wife and I were having challenges like so many young married couples do. Neither of us were attending church, and so we decided that we wanted to go back. She did not want to attend the Catholic church, I myself had not gone for years, so I decided to investigate the Mormon church. The people that I met were so kind and friendly, and the missionaries we very helpful. I remember that when I asked a Catholic Priest about questions, sometimes they would just say, "just have faith". However, when I asked the Mormon missionaries, they would find the answer in the scriptures. I wondered why the priests could not do that? Once when I was being taught about the Words of Wisdom, the missionaries said I should not drink hot drinks like coffee and tea. I had been raised on coffee so this seemed impossible to quit. The missionaries said a prayer that the Lord would help me quit. A few mornings later, I got up and brewed a pot of coffee, like I always had. Well, after just a few sips I felt very sick, became weak and my body got very hot. I laid down right where I was standing and didn't get up for an hour. I felt very weak. As I got feeling better, the sickness left in a few hours, I had no intention to continue drinking that coffee. Coincident you may think, but I know it was because of the prayers that I would have help quiting drinking coffee. We have 7 children now and have enjoyed a great life. The gospel and priciples I have learned as a member of the LDS church has taught me to be a good person, husband and father. Our family is very close, even now that all our children have their own families. We still love to be together and spend time with each other. I owe this all to the teachings of the LDS church and the blessings of our Heavenly Father for trying to live worthy.

How I live my faith

I love my church. However, as we moved a lot when we were a young married couple, we got see lots of different churches. The people were different, but the gospel was always the same. And the people were always welcoming a kind. I have done lots of things in the church, a boy scout leader, teaching the youth, helping the missionaries, and helping with the Bishopric. I love when my wife and I would teach the children in the Nursery. It was so much fun to spend time playing with the little children and teaching them to color, play with play dough and sing songs. Being a cook by profession, I was often asked to help with church dinners, breakfasts and such. I loved doing this and no challenge was too hard. I always