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Hi I'm Justyn Alexander Powers

Hi I am a Mormon and I love helping; to Serve God; and to do my best in life. Council to one another and to see the heart in ours.

About Me

I was born in Saran, Kazakhstan on October 6, 1994. When I was born his birth mother was 19 years old, not married and an alcoholic. I was born with a bilateral cleft pallet. I had many sorrows in my 9 years of being an orphan but my greatest tool about that is to left other and help them know that life can be better or worst. The spirit of God has taught me to grow and to try to be the Example to ours; and although I am not perfect; I never give up being the light to others. I love sharing the Gospel and to help people with Trials and help them with Choices. Remember that Everyday above ground is a Great Day. I have a gift from God that I can Learn any talent (just about anything) and when I do; I teach others and I want to pass down to the next generation(s). I do have problems in my life and I look and ask (as) many people in my life for guides.I love to learn (I learn slow at times) new and old things and it does take time but later on I can make progress. I looking and finding way on how to Change the World by the Lord's Help and people on the Earth.My first language was Russian and I was adopted at age 9 and I started learning English. I went to Billings High School Missouri. I graduated 12 Grade; but my Graduation level of my knowledge was [Vocabulary] 4 grade level; my [Reading] Level was 5 Grade; [Math] 4 Grade Level. But I never give up on learning. Take the Movie The Blind Side for example; I am always willing to work; and work until I get it right and keep moving.

Why I am a Mormon

I am a Mormon because I want to make a difference in my life and to help Heavenly Father and His Son Jesus Christ to Hastening His Work upon the Earth. I was saved from God and He has given me a Family and with every Trial that come to me I always pray for help and I am for ever grateful that I had the opportunity to make a difference in my life an others. We have the knowledge to use and to grow our selves to become Perfect as He is. Everyone of you are a great example of the Savior and having a Change of Heart in our can build us to the fullest. Everyday we must Chose the Choice between what is right and what is easy and choosing carefully will change us little by little; I care about people more then ever and I always Love the song "I trying to be Like Jesus." Because I find the love in everyone because they are my Brother(s) and Sister(s) and have a heart of Peace and Love with understanding. Find the Inner Peace in your lives and watch the small change within (you). In the End we all be a proper Family when the day Comes. My testimony is to help grow other testimony the best I can; Joseph Smith said "We can do the best we can; and Go on." What ever happen in the past doesn't change who you need to be now. to me Mormon is a Change of Heart of our Loving Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ and see what needs to be seen and to help many. The things we do, see, and think will till us what day we will have "Good Bad or/and Between." Our attitudes can show people who we really are. But you/we are more then we all (even Me) think we are and what we can do with God. Stay Strong and live will Brother,Sister and Friends.

How I live my faith

My Faith is that I have Strong and Worthy Testimony about Mission Work/Education Work of Life is the most powerful thing that allows us to change History through the Lord. Because if we work very hard on our Mission/Life with full of Heart, Mind, Might and Strength then the Lord will build us as he is. Moses Chapter 6 Verse 33 “Say unto this people; Choose ye this day, to serve the Lord God who made you.” (And) Joshua Chapter 24 verse 15 [and in the middle of the Verse] it say’s “Choose you this say whom ye will serve.” Everything we do can; and will make a BIG difference; maybe not to people but to the Lord all things matter; because we believe in God; BIG-BELIEVE IN GOD. Putting the Whole Armor of God on everyday; for a new challenge that we will face whatever challenges come our way that we can be ready for anything. I am grateful for the Truth and the Light in every one of us because without it we would be weak. The Three Pillars of Eternity are The Atonement; The Fall; The Creation and we learn from Bruce R. McConkie teaches us the full plan of salvation. I know that God Live and Loves everyone of you. Our Heart is with Heavenly Father He loved us so Much that He give His Only Begotten Son.

How can we stop the spread and influence of pornography?

Justyn Alexander Powers
President Dieter F. Uchtdorf quoted "We are all Brother and Sister."The Savior has given us a chances to renew our self and to safe our self from Lucifer. Pornography is a Destruction to our Soul(s); Lucifer want us to make us feel that we are nothing but trash and that we don't need Ever Lasting Life. Technology of pornography is pain; evil and darkness. We have been born to change the world to help others; not to just get find people and use them for entertainment and live on with life. Here are some questions for you to ask yourself "What are you living for?" Are you using your life to test yourself; to see how you can make a difference?" Do you Love God and Keep the Law of Chastity to help grow the Kingdom of God?" Are you temped to make your life easier?"And "Does Pornography keep you fairer away from Marriage between a Man and a Women?" If the Savior was right here right now how would you feel. When Jesus Christ Sacrifice himself for us on the Cross; ask yourself the following "How many drops of blood was for me.?" And if not one then "How can we feel the love of the Savior atoning sacrifice for us?" Repentance is the way out to anything but you have to be willing to change and start over. He died some we can return back to His Presence with Our Families for all and Eternity. Find a way out and He will find you. Change now and remember that you are a Sons and Daughters of Heavenly Father Pray always and the Power of God can soften your heart; He want the best for you. Show more Show less

What is the Atonement of Jesus Christ? Why was it necessary for Jesus Christ to sacrifice His life?

Justyn Alexander Powers
The Savior Jesus Christ was is always will be the example of pure light. The Atonement of Jesus Christ show us the love of God; For it said in John 3:16 "For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life." Heavenly Father loved us so much he give us a Savior. Then I came to think about the same thing about Jesus Christ; He loved us so much that he died for us so that we would be saved on His name. So the same thing that Heavenly Father did Jesus Christ did also. For we know that when Jesus Christ died on the cross He said "Father forgive them for they not know what they do." As we go by living by day to day; we find people who hate us but yet we shouldn't be the same way because maybe they don't understand; just like Jesus Christ knew that the people didn't understand when they crucified Him. The Holy Ghost of the Spirit is like a balloon we can take the air out (like the spirit) and we can put the air in. But when we put it in a knot which means ( the Gift of the Holy Ghost) because we can receive it from God. The Savior invite all souls to come unto Him. But no one is forced to go to Heaven; that why we have Free agency to chose for our selves; for we can do our best and go on in life. For we have the scriptures to help us to find our way home to our Heavenly Father and His Son Jesus Christ. With the Savior our Redeemer that is our greatest loving teacher and example in our lives. Show more Show less

Who is the Mormon prophet today?

Justyn Alexander Powers
The Mormon Prophet today is our beloved President Thomas Spencer Monson; for He is a great councilor of all of us; President Monson changes many lives; when we listen to the voice of the prophet we are ready to be prepared for anything for; as will as his Councilors help guide and lead with him as will as the Quorum of the Apostles and the 70. We can endure many thing when we can make a change in everyone's lives. I love our prophet because he has change many thing in my life and without his council I would not know where I would be; perhaps I would be more lost then ever but because I listen it makes a big difference. Let us open our ears and hear. For the Prophet said "You possess a testimony. Share it. Never underestimate the far-reaching influence of your testimony. You can strengthen one another. You have the capacity to notice the unnoticed. When you have eyes to see, ears to ear, and hearts to feel, you can reach out and rescue others of your age." Show more Show less

How can I find someone to talk with, in person, about the Mormon religion?

Justyn Alexander Powers
The way we can find people to help us about Mormon religion is that we have to be open up with a full happiness to learn and to feel the true meaning of who we truly are and what our plan is. For we know that every one have the same plan in life and that is Eternal Life and to be with our Families for ever and ever. Prayer is meaningful and the Savior can help us find the right person in our lives; we all have trials but the way we can move forward in our lives is to try and see the love of God. And I quote " To love another is to see the Face of God." No one is useless in the World who lightens our burdens of another. You and I have the Capacity everyday to make a difference in the Lives of other Human Beings. Every Human being who comes in contact with us, we have the Capacity to lift them, to make them feel better, to give them enlightenment to give them encouragement... You and I have a Challenge to go forth and seek a make a positive difference in the Life of every human being we come in contact with. For we can chose for our selves to make a difference in our live. Life isn't about fining yourself. Life is about creating yourself. If we do our part the Lord will do His part. I quote another "Ill lift you, you lift me, and we'll both ascend together." You can't start the next Chapter of life; IF you keep Re-Reading the Last one. But with the Savior's help we can get through our trials. If we stand strong we can accomplish many; many thing in life. I pray for everyone. Show more Show less