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Hi I'm Elizabeth

I'm a happily married mom of 7 kids. I work full time for a Jewish social service agency writing grants. I'm a Mormon.

About Me

I was a stay-at-home mom for more than 15 years. I feel so lucky to have had the chance to spend that time with my little ones during those early years. I have 7 kids so it was a crazy, busy time. Life moved fast and was often overwhelming. But as I look back, the sacrifices and the challenges pale in comparison to the joy I felt then and now, about motherhood, the lessons I learned, and the growth in my personality and testimony of the Gospel of Jesus Christ as I did my best to improve and rely on the Lord when faced with hard things. When our family faced financial challenges, we decided I would go back to work. I had an English degree and was able to work as a secretary for a few years, but I needed to do something more challenging. With my family's encouragement, I went back to school and got a masters degree. I worked full time and went to night school, with the family pitching in to make it possible. Today, I am a grant writer for a Jewish social services agency. I love my work and the opportunity I have to make a difference in people's lives. When I'm not working, I focus on my family and spend as much time as I can with them. I am so grateful for a good husband, kind and generous children and a good job. Life hasn't always been easy, and we haven't had much in the way of material things, but our lives are filled with joy and peace.

Why I am a Mormon

I have been a Mormon for most of my life and it has made all the difference. From my own personal growth, peace and happiness to the lives of my husband and children -- I can see what a difference it makes. It's not always easy being a Mormon. Sometimes we are a little different than those around us because of our life style and the commitments we make (no drinking or smoking, Sabbath day observance, modesty in dress, no pre-marital intimacy, tithing, missions, etc.). But not so different. I love people and do my best to learn something from each person I meet or get to know. I like to focus on the ways in which we are alike. Mormon or not, I always try to share with those around me, the joy that comes from living the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Sometimes there are religious commitments that draw us away from other things we might rather do, but as I grow older and look back, there are no regrets for having spent Sundays at Church with my family, or Wednesday nights at youth activities. No regrets for having avoided alcohol and smoking; for dressing modestly; for being faithful to my husband; or, for trying my very best to live a Christ-like life. I am a Mormon ...because living the principles of the Gospel of Jesus Christ have given me, my husband and my children a solid foundation for peace and happiness in this life. And being a member of the Church is how that foundation is built. We can't do it alone. In the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints, we find fellowship with other Christians, trying just like us to live the Gospel. We learn about the Gospel in Sacrament meeting, Sunday School and other meetings. We learn from the scriptures, we learn from our leaders, we learn from each other. Working together to grow spiritually is essential. Making commitments and covenants with God are critical. And the blessings that come from all of this effort are eternal!

How I live my faith

In 1997, in the middle of grad school, my husband was diagnosed with colon cancer. It was serious--stage C. It was a scary time. We had a house full of little children and a bright future ahead. We prayed and asked for a miracle. I had read in the scriptures that the Lord hears the prayers of the righteous. So one evening, I got a phone list of the members of our ward and called each one to ask if they would pray for my husband. Each person I talked to was glad to help and so supportive. When I finished making the phone calls, a great sense of peace came over me. Soon after, I read a verse in the scriptures that said, "fear not, let your heart be comforted...waiting patiently on the Lord, for your prayers have entered into the ears of the Lord...and are recorded with this seal and testament -- the Lord hath sworn and decreed that they shall be granted." (D&C 98:1-2) As I read this verse, a calm feeling came over me. I knew in that moment that this was the answer to our prayers and that my husband would survive the cancer. I also made a commitment to place my faith in that promise -- that very personal, individual promise -- and to not look back. From then on, throughout the chemotherapy treatments and the long weary days of motherhood and caring for my husband, I was filled with a peace and assurance that everything would work out. I believed (and still believe) that if God was good enough to give me such a generous and miraculous promise, the least I could do was to trust Him. Nearly 20 years have passed. My husband is still here! He has health challenges, but has been a loving companion and wonderful father. I am forever grateful for God's gift of life and for the love and support of family, friends, neighbors and ward members. I try to return their kindness every chance I get and I could not have made it through those dark days without my faith. These days I am on a mission to share that faith with others however I can, for as long as I can.