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Hi I'm Uinise Uikehelotu Pasikala

Im a proud Daughter of God, Love my family. I Am a Proud Polynesian who loves poetry. And I Love FHistory&GodsWork. I'm a Mormon.

About Me

I am a proud Daughter of God who knows her divine role on this earth which is to bring Joy to every creature upon this earth from the very young to the old. I love my island home of Tonga and Hawaii but I grew to like Utah also. I am passionate about my Polynesian performing arts and preserving the pacific crafts of lei making, costume making and etc. Creative writing has always been my outlet to express my inner deep thoughts and feelings especially when I write poetry. I am forever grateful for my Heavenly Father for the many talents, opportunities and experiences I have gone through or have yet to develop and master that I may be a beacon of light and hope for others through them. I give my respect and love to those who has gone before me, who started the journey and now it's my turn to continue that same path for the next generation. I know my happiness and joy comes from being a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. Where I come to know that my family can be together eternally and that I can receive second chances through our Savior, Lord and Redeemer Jesus Christ. I can't wait for that glorious day for us all to greet Christ and our Heavenly Father with open arms. I have been working hard to help my family in the last few years but now I am happy to be a representative of him from July 20, 2016-Feburary 6, 2018. I love my family so much and I can't wait for what God has instore for me and my future. Love you all! You are all Awesome!!

Why I am a Mormon

I am a Mormon because I know my purpose, I know God has a plan(s) for me upon this earth. My love is great and my fear of losing HIS favor with me is greator then the adversarys power. Through Gods gospel I found I'm a peculiar treasure among his many children that I have worth. I'm a Mormon because I found peace and happiness. Knowing that my family and me will be eternally together that death cannot keep us apart. That I can find refuge in my Heavenly Father and Saviors love. Furthermore, I can bring all my of my ancestors together and be sealed in the temple so I can see them in our next life. I am a Mormon because I know the blessings and promises made by our Heavenly Father to our forefathers to us to me right now. If only I would have faith, ensure the end Then I would gain eternal life. That knowledge of being with my Heavenly Father if I follow his commandments is why I continue to follow him instead of the adversary. And not only that, it's because I saw that I was almost so close to join Satan and his followers but before the battle I saw you all with Jesus and God. And I saw my twin reaching out with tears on her face so I turned away from Satan and stood by Jesus side. That revelation not discouraged me but have me endless hope and trust in Gods purpose for me. I Love being a LDS because I get to share the fulness of the gospel to all my brothers and sister's. I leave you my testimony that God is not dead He is Alive and true. That our brother, savior, light and friend Jesus Christ had choose to sacrifice hinself for is all because he truly loved us. I know the Book of Mormon is another witness of Jesus Christ. I know family can find eternal happiness through Gods work and glory. I Love you all very much brothers and sister's. In the name of Jesus Christ Amen.

How I live my faith

I Love my faith by serving in the callings I have been given by God. I am a primary teacher, I teach ages 10, 11 and 12. I am a home visiting teacher and a visiting teaching district leader, so me and a sister is incharge of the sister's in our area to look after and visit them if they need anything we do. I live my faith by making sure it's pleasing into the Father such as serving my callings to the best of my abilities. I read my scriptures and find new way to serve in my callings. I Love the testimony of the kids and the Young Women in the youth group because it helps me strengthen my own testimony.

What are Mormon women like? Do Mormons believe in equality of men and women?

Uinise Uikehelotu Pasikala
As the scriptures stated in Genesis of when Heavenly Father created the world and then men. He created Adam first then out of Adams side his runs he created women. So, yes we Mormon/LDS so believe in equality for men and women because we weren't created from the feet for men to stomp us. We weren't created from the head of the men to show that we were inferior then men. And we weren't created out of the hands of men so they can put their hands on us. We are equal there is no doubt. Of course, God gives men their roles and he gives us our roles. Together we can harmoniously build a great kingdom of God upon this earth. I know that the world is trying to say otherwise but pray to God he will let you know through the Holy Ghost. Willingly Listen and you will find your answer(s). But Mormon Women are just like any other women in this world. We cook, clean, work normal jobs or take care of our kids and family. We watch TV, play sports, go to school, do arts and crafts or change a car and other activities. We are daughters, mothers and grandmothers. We do our best to raise ourselves, for those who have kids they try to raise them to the best of their abilites. We get mad, sad, cry or happy when we got a project done with satisfaction. We excercise, we run errands and we serve our fellow men no matter with a big heart and a smile on our face just like everyone else. Show more Show less

Do Mormons only help Mormons?

Uinise Uikehelotu Pasikala
Nope, we help all who needs help. The poor, the sick, the weak and the weary, from old to young and much more we do help them. Because it is commanded us by the Lord to "clothe the naked, feed the hungery, help the poor..."so we are going to do just that. Members and nonmembers alike, we will not turn away because Jesus taught us to love everyone so that we not only recieve blessings but that we may bless them by letting them know that God hasn't and never have up on them. That hope will inpire them to do the same others they meet. Show more Show less