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Hi I'm Sarah LaBass

I love the California sun. Running 50 marathons by age 50 is my goal. My family means everything to me. I'm a Mormon.

About Me

My name is Sarah. I was born in Utah. I have a BA in Modern Dance Performance from BYU. I served an LDS mission in Chile. I live in California and I love the beautiful world that Heavenly Father created for me. Every morning I get up at 5 am to run. I run early so that me being gone won't disrupt the family in any way. I run between 5-10 miles every day. The best part of my run is that I get to see the sun rise.There is nothing more breath taking then the light piercing threw the darkness, welcoming a new day. A new day means a new beginning. A new beginning brings hope and peace. I feel Gods love every time the sun rises. He truly is there and he loves all of his children. After my runs, I get to go home to my 4 children and my favorite person, my Scotty. We have been married for 14 years. I ran my first marathon when I was 20. I have run a total of 23 now and my plan is to run 50 marathons by the time I turn 50! People ask me all the time why I like to run. I say that when I run, I take my mommy cup that was filled up to the brim the day before, then I dump it out and prepare for the current day! Running makes me calm, patient and kind. I truly believe that God wants us to be happy. With all the demands that come from raising a family, I have found a quiet time that I can talk with my Creator and feel His love. I work out issues that have come up in our family and I also am open to revelation that my Father in Heaven wants to give me. Yes I know Heavenly Father loves me!

Why I am a Mormon

I am a Mormon because I believe that this church teaches the true gospel of Jesus Christ. I have had the Holy Ghost testify this to me over and over again. I have always known that this church was true but as I have gone forth in my life my testimony has been strengthened many times. One of those experiences happened years ago. I had a horrible experience that left me wounded. I was devastated and my heart hurt. I tried to move on but the memory of the experience slowed me down more than I realized. An inspired leader called me into his office. He talked to me about my situation then he asked if he could give me a blessing. I said yes because I knew that he held the same priesthood that Christ had when he raised the dead and healed the blind. I truly believed that Christ could help me. During the blessing many things were said that helped but the thing that healed my heart was that I was told that Christ knew exactly what I was feeling. That he felt it too in the Garden of Gethsemane. I knew that Christ could heal me because he suffered in the flesh what I was suffering. He suffered so that he could help ME. The overwhelming feeling of love from my Savior filled my heart and I started to heal. I will never deny the love from my Savior that I felt. I am currently teaching in our church meetings. I teach all the women 18 years and older. I get to teach from the talks that come from General Conference. As I study and prepare my lessons, I feel that same love from my Savior and my Heavenly Father that healed me years ago. I am always amazed at the insight that the leaders of this church have. I know that President Monson is a true prophet of God. I know that all the apostles are men called of God to warn us and direct us in these hard days. I testify that God lives.That Joseph Smith restored the true gospel of Christ along with His priesthood. The Book of Mormon is true scripture for our days.President Monson was chosen to lead and direct us in these the latter days.

How I live my faith

I love to live the gospel of Jesus Christ. I have been so blessed by my Heavenly Father just by trying to do what is right. I will never trade the joy and happiness that living the gospel brings for anything, even my own lack of understanding. I know that there is a prophet of God here on earth and following what he tells me to do has always blessed my life. As a mother I am very concerned with my children and their wellbeing. I have found that my children have issues or problems often. It is hard to know how to handle all the problems that arise. I was overwhelmed one day after a huge issue at home. I got down on my knees and talked to my Heavenly Father. While I was talking and explaining what was going on, my Father in Heaven told me that these are his children too. That we are working together to help our kids grow in their faith. By the time that I said amen, I knew exactly what I had to do to help solve the issue. It was amazing! The process of asking for help or inspiration is now a daily occurrence! I am very concerned with teaching my children about pornography, drugs and sexual relationships. I have chosen to take a very active role in teaching my children about these things. We talk about these topics daily. I have been very blessed with inspiration to know what questions to ask them or how to explain things to them. We have had many wonderful conversations about these subjects in our home. We are very open to any questions or discussions that the kids might bring up. I am so grateful for the guidance that I have received from my loving Father in Heaven. I am so grateful to not be raising my children alone. I have confidence in my God and my Savior. I know that Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ love us and they want all of us to return and live with them again. I feel so blessed to be a mother and to be able to partner with God in raising his children.

What is the Relief Society?

Sarah LaBass
Relief Society is wonderful! It is a place to go and find instant friends. There are plenty of opportunities to serve in Relief Society. Women 18 years and older meat the third hour of church on Sundays. We have lessons that are specifically tailored for us as women in these days. I currently am teaching on the fourth Sunday of every month. I get to teach from talks that were given in General Conference. My testimony has grown so much just by preparing these lessons. My favorite part in preparing the lessons is the studying that I do before I put the lesson together. Teaching in Relief Society has changed my heart and spirit time and time again. My most memorable experience with Relief Society is from 2 years ago. My family and I moved into a new ward. I was very pregnant and very sick. I stayed in bed most days because I was so sick. Many women from my new ward brought in dinner multiple times for my family because I was so sick. They didn't even know me but they blessed me and my family with their yummy food and their thoughtfulness. I learned what true Charity was and now I am excited every time that I can take food to someone who needs it and bless their lives the way mine was blessed. Show more Show less