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Hi I'm Kathy

The earth is so magnificent! I love to travel and see new places and faces. I am fascinated by people's stories. I am a Mormon.

About Me

I am retired, and returned to my native state of Utah after 65 years of living in other parts of the United States. I have been to every state in the Union and have found each one to hold unique charm and interest. My childhood was carefree, with a big, relatively happy family and good neighbors and friends; I am grateful for them all. My husband and I raised five children who, with their spouses and children, bring great joy to our lives. I was fortunate to work in my children's schools as they were growing up, first as a volunteer, then as a paraprofessional; and then, after they all graduated from high school, I spent 12 years at a family resource center doing work I loved! Things I really like to do include traveling, baking and cooking, sewing, gardening, painting, camping, hiking/walking--especially on a beach or in the wilderness. My creative masterpiece is either my daughter's wedding dress, a watercolor painting of Thompson Peak in Northern California, or the portions I painted of a mural in Susanville, California. I prefer socializing in small small groups because I want to hear people's life stories. I have found ALL the people I've known to be very interesting. Now, in case you think my life has been been "perfect", you're wrong! I have done stupid things, reckless things, been unkind, been wrong, been hurt, angry, embarrassed, injured, disappointed, endangered and really sick...BUT Life Is Good!

Why I am a Mormon

I grew up in a family whose membership was in the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, with ancestry of pioneer stock and others converted in European nations who came on ships and trains to Utah to avoid further persecution and to be among others who had similar beliefs. My family attended church regularly where I was instructed in doctrines of the Church. I was baptized at eight and conformed to most of the ideals and principles I was taught. I was somewhat proud of my heritage and admired the zeal and determination of the Mormon pioneers; in general, I had a good feeling about my church, but I also had some questions and confusion. When I was two years old, my family moved from Utah to New Orleans and, when I was seven, to the Washington, D.C. area. There were not a lot of members of my church in either of these areas, and I was one of only a handful of Mormon kids in my schools. I had some wonderful school and neighborhood friends and never felt ostracized for what were perceived as unusual beliefs; in fact, most of my friends were somewhat protective of me, but I was also attracted by some of their activities which were not consistent with the standards of my church. After high school graduation, I went away to college and felt a little lost for a few years, not sure of what I believed; neither was I very happy with my life. Because of these feelings, I knew I needed to change some of my habits and figure out what I really did believe. I remembered hearing that one needs to put faith into action by choosing a commandment and living it, and then evaluating how it affects our life. So I did! Little by little, one thing at a time. And my life continues to be better and better.

How I live my faith

My church is a "lay" church; in other words, everyone has an opportunity to be involved in the work. We learn and teach, we receive and we serve, we follow and we lead. No job is unimportant. Some of us start when we are toddlers--giving prayers, singing songs, taking part in programs. As we grow, we are offered opportunities to take speaking assignments, lead discussions, take leadership roles. As adults, we may have great responsibilities, such as stewardship over a congregation, or we may have a lighter assignment, perhaps such as working in the nursery. Eventually things change and we do something different. We are called to serve. We accept the calling by faith. I have learned that my best choice is to accept any calling and to fulfill it to the best of my ability. By our service, we learn and experience growth; our faith grows, too. It's a great system!